Rajkot’s Rickshaw Pullers’ Kids Excel in Boards: UPSC & Medical Aspirations

Today, the results of Grade-12 General Stream, Science Stream, and GUJCET have been announced simultaneously. In this, the result of the science stream of Rajkot district has increased by 10% to 92.06%, while the result of the general stream has increased by 13% to 93.29%. Today, the children of families engaged in labor in Rajkot have achieved very good results. Some aspire to crack the UPSC and become an IAS officer, while others aspire to become doctors.

Dedication Rewarded

Every day, he used to study for 5-6 hours. In the municipality of Rajkot, Manishbhai’s son Devani Sujal has scored 98.77 PR in Grade-12 General Stream. Sujal, while discussing his result, mentioned that his father’s name is Manishbhai Devani and his mother’s name is Jijnyaben Devani. My father works in the municipality of Rajkot. My parents have always encouraged me towards my studies, and it is due to their encouragement that I have been working hard since the beginning. I used to study for 5-6 hours every day. The credit for the result I achieved today goes entirely to my parents. Further, I aim to crack the UPSC and fulfill my father’s dream, and I will do it.

We Will Continue Our Hard Work

Sujal’s father, Manishbhai, mentioned that I run a Gujarati snack stall. My son’s result is very good, and after today’s result, he will be motivated to work even harder. We will continue our hard work. Whatever he aims for, we will support him. We have come to Rajkot from the village solely for our son’s education, and my wife, brother, and sister-in-law have been very helpful in this endeavor. The happiness of the result achieved today cannot be expressed in words.

More Time Devoted to Preparation Subjects

Another student, Talsaniya Sujal, mentioned that I have scored 99.15 PR in Grade-12 Science Stream. I am satisfied with the result. I used to spend more time studying at school and devoted more time to preparing subjects. After that, I used to study and revise at home for 3 to 4 hours every day. My father’s name is Vijaybhai Talsaniya and my mother’s name is Bhavuben Talsaniya. My parents have worked very hard to motivate me. Both my parents work and support me in my studies. They never pressured me any day to just get marks; they always said that the effort must be made to get such results. That’s why I aspire to do MBBS in the future.

Aspiring for UPSC and IAS

Shruti Natdha, a student studying at P.V. Modi School in Rajkot, scored 99.72 PR in Grade-12 Arts. My father, Jilubhai, is an auto-rickshaw driver, and my mother, Jyotiben, is a homemaker. I aspire to crack the UPSC and become an IAS officer. I was interested in government jobs, so I chose Social Science as my main subject in Arts. My father, Jilubhai, mentioned that I drive an auto-rickshaw to run the family. My daughter has achieved good results by working day and night. The fee was Rs. 40,000, out of which Rs. 14,000 was waived. My son Jayveer studies in Grade-10. His result will also come soon.

When Tragedy Strikes Despite Academic Excellence

Mahi Domadiya, studying in Class 12 Science at Rajkot’s Modi School, achieved 99.92 percentile. Having secured 99.99 percentile in Class 10, she faced depression when her mother battled breast cancer. Despite adversities, she excelled in Class 10 exams and later faced a family tragedy in December when her father suffered a stroke. Overcoming depression with support from school and family, she resumed her Class 12 Science studies and scored 99.92 percentile. Currently preparing for NEET, aiming to score 690 out of 720, she dreams of becoming a doctor.

Father’s Support and Career Dreams

Dev Pithadia, studying Commerce in Class 12 at Rajkot’s Modi School, achieved 98.96 percentile. His father, Bhupendra Modi, supports him while working as a school’s administrator. Dev’s disciplined study routine, backed by strong family support, led to his success. Despite financial stability due to his father’s job, Dev aspires to become a Chartered Accountant.

Trading Old Clothes for a Better Future

Dilip Dantaniya, previously involved in selling old clothes, now supports his son’s education. Dilip’s son, Dileep, secured 98.34 percentile in Class 12 Commerce exams, despite lacking formal tutoring. Dilip’s sacrifices, supported by family, propelled Dileep’s success. Dileep aims to clear the UPSC exam and lead a fulfilling life outside the confines of poverty.

Significant Rise in Science and General Streams

Noteworthy is the academic performance in Rajkot district, where 96 students secured A1 grade and 1063 students secured A2 grade in Class 12 Science stream, while in the General stream, 889 students secured A1 grade and 3984 students secured A2 grade.

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