Dahod’s Partham Voting: Election Commission Orders Recast After Viral Booth Capturing Video; Re-polling on Saturday, May 11

A video capturing booth capturing in the village of Parthampur in the Santarampur taluka of Mahisagar during the Dahod Lok Sabha meeting went viral. The booth capturing was conducted by a BJP leader’s son, and the entire incident was live-streamed on social media. Following this event, orders have been issued to conduct re-polling in Parthampur, Dahod. The Chief Electoral Officer stated that the voting held on May 7, 2024, has been declared void, and re-polling has been scheduled between 7 AM and 6 PM on May 11, 2024, Saturday. Subsequently, a Presiding Officer, Assistant Presiding Officer, two Polling Officers, and a Police Constable have been suspended in connection with the incident.

Orders for Re-Polling Issued by Election Commission

In the Dahod Lok Sabha constituency, during the voting in the Parthampur village, which falls under the Santarampur Vidhan Sabha, booth capturing incidents involving Vijay Bhabor, the son of a BJP leader, and the viral live video recording thereof on social media, led to the Election Commission’s decision to re-poll. The Election Commission has ordered re-polling due to irregularities reported by the Returning Officer regarding this incident.

Suspension of 5 Individuals in Booth Capturing Case

Ashok Patel, the Joint Chief Electoral Officer, announced that irregularities had been observed at Polling Station No. 220 in Parthampur, under the Santarampur Vidhan Sabha, during the voting for the 19-Dahod Lok Sabha and 123-Santarampur Vidhan Sabha constituencies. After receiving the report, five individuals were suspended under Section 58, Subsection 2 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, regarding irregularities in voting held on May 7, 2024, and the scheduled re-polling on May 11, 2024.

Congress Spokesperson Manish Doshi’s Statement on the Matter

Manish Doshi, the Gujarat Congress spokesperson, stated that incidents of booth capturing had occurred where BJP leaders’ sons engaged in malpractice during voting. Complaints were filed with the Election Commission, which prompted the Election Commission to issue orders for re-polling. Similar chaos has been observed in the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituencies like Gondal, Balasinor, and elsewhere. Written complaints were also submitted regarding these incidents. We demand fair conduct of elections in these areas, where BJP workers are allegedly involved in malpractice.

Reaction of Congress Candidate Prabhaviben Taviyad on Dahod Lok Sabha Issue

Prabhaviben Taviyad, the Congress candidate for the Dahod Lok Sabha, expressed her reaction to the booth capturing incident. She stated that she immediately informed the Collector upon learning about the incident on the night of May 7 and filed a complaint. Election Commission, observers, and CEO Mahisagar were all informed. It was observed that voting did not take place peacefully in Parthampur, and people’s democratic rights were violated. The murder of democracy occurred here. Therefore, with the intervention of the judiciary, Election Commission, and the authorities, we will ensure fair voting.

“EVM Belongs To Our Father”

During the Dahod Lok Sabha meeting, BJP leader Vijay Bhabhor was caught capturing EVM footage inside a booth. Vijay Bhabhor had even live-streamed the entire incident on his social media platform, Instagram. Not only that, there are discussions about fake voting being done for the BJP candidate, as stated in the video where he says, “EVM Belongs To Our father.”

Police recorded complaints of two individuals being apprehended

The collector of Mahisagar district informed in a telephonic conversation that attention was drawn to the video showing fake voting. The two individuals shown in the video were apprehended by the police and complaints were filed. Vijay Bhabhor had allegedly threatened to beat up and file a complaint against Sanabhai Taviyad, a Congress agent at the booth. Sanabhai Taviyad had reached the Santarampur police station to file a complaint about this incident.

Live on Instagram

The incident of attempting to hijack a booth during the Dahod Lok Sabha meeting is under scrutiny. During the voting in Parthampur village of Santarampur taluka of Mahisagar, BJP leader Vijay Bhabhor was caught capturing EVM footage inside the booth. Vijay Bhabhor had even live-streamed the entire incident on his social media platform. There are discussions ongoing about fake voting being done for the BJP candidate, along with others.

Video went viral, accused deleted the video

In an attempt to hijack the booth during the election, BJP leader’s son had conversations about taking away the EVM. When the video went viral, Vijay Bhabhor deleted the video from his social media platform. Congress candidate for the Dahod meeting, Dr. Prabhavben Taviyad, filed a complaint with the collector. The collector and the district election officer had initiated an investigation into the matter.

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