Government Employee Uproar in Capital: Protests Over Pending Demands Including OPS, Women’s Protest Escalates

State employees from various government departments have been relentlessly fighting for their demands, particularly the reinstatement of the old pension scheme, for quite some time now. Amidst this struggle, the possibility of contesting elections has been discussed in the Lok Sabha. 

Today, a significant number of employees, including those from the Gujarat State Employees United Front and the Gujarat State Primary Education Association, marched towards the Legislative Assembly. However, their progress was hindered as they were intercepted by the police.

Employees’ Struggle for Restoration of Old Pension Scheme in Gujarat

Employees in Gujarat continue to wage a battle against the government for the reinstatement of the old pension scheme. Across various government departments, employees have been engaged in protests and demonstrations to address their concerns. 

Last month, government employees, as per directives from the Gujarat State Employees’ Federation and the Gujarat State United Employees Front, protested wearing black bands. Furthermore, some even donned black attire to emphasize their dissent. 

Apart from staging demonstrations in Gandhinagar, the state capital, employees have flooded the streets in large numbers, challenging government policies. In addition to demands for the old pension scheme, they are vehemently opposing the fixed pay policy, seeking regular appointments, protesting against the Central government’s salary structure, and urging for an increase in the government’s contribution to the General Provident Fund (GPF) from 10% to 14%. Employees, backed by substantial sources, are actively participating in these protests, emphasizing their grievances.

Employees' Stern Warning

Employees’ Stern Warning: “Tonight Marks the Night of Slaughter for Us”

As the dates for the Lok Sabha elections are being announced, government employees are intensifying their demands for the resolution of pending issues. Today, a large number of employees marched towards the Legislative Assembly to submit personal petitions to the Chief Minister. 

However, even before they could reach the Assembly, they were stopped by the police, leading to tense encounters between the employees and law enforcement. Meanwhile, the National United Front has also announced an online agitation. 

According to this, employees will upload selfies on social media, directly reaching the Chief Minister. Employees have sternly warned that if their demands are not addressed soon, “tonight marks the night of slaughter for us.” They express their hope that the government will heed their demands.

Government Stalls Despite Committee Formation - Employee

Government Stalls Despite Committee Formation – Employee

An employee protesting in Gandhinagar expressed disappointment, stating that despite submitting petitions to the Chief Minister by the Gujarat State Employees Federation and the Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union, no progress has been made. 

The government had formed a committee to implement the recommendations of the 22-5 resolution to introduce the Old Pension Scheme (OPS). However, even after twelve months since the formation of the committee, there has been no advancement from the government’s side. 

Despite continuous requests and protests regarding the implementation of the old pension scheme, the government has yet to accept our demands.

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