Tragic Fire Erupts Post Gamkhwar Accident in Shankheshwar: Pickup Van and Wagon R Car Collision Claims Two Lives

This morning, a serious accident occurred near Shankheshwar in Patan, Gujarat. A pickup truck and a van collided with great force, resulting in a sudden fire erupting among the vehicles. Tragically, two individuals were caught in the flames and suffered severe injuries.

Tragic Accident

Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Two in Vehicle Collision Near Shankheshwar, Patan

Early Friday morning near Shankheshwar in Patan district, a sudden and devastating accident unfolded on the road due to unforeseen circumstances. Two vehicles traveling in opposite directions collided head-on, resulting in a fiery crash. 

Tragically, two individuals inside one of the vehicles were trapped and suffered fatal injuries. Their demise marks a sorrowful loss, leaving the community grieving. Prompt action by bystanders along the road alerted the police, who swiftly arrived at the scene to conduct investigations.

Fire Erupts in All Vehicles, Causing Commotion

Fire Erupts in All Vehicles, Causing Commotion

According to the findings of the accident investigation, chaos erupted on the Shankheshwar-Panchasar-Dashavada route early Friday morning. A sudden collision occurred between a speeding van and a pickup truck, resulting in a fiery accident. Subsequently, flames engulfed all the vehicles involved. 

The fire sparked panic among other drivers on the road, leading to a commotion. Two passengers trapped in one of the vehicles were severely affected by the blaze. Concerned bystanders attempted to extinguish the flames engulfing the vehicles, and the police were promptly notified, reaching the scene to assess the situation.

Police Arrive at the Scene to Investigate

Upon arriving at the scene, the police immediately commenced their investigation. The PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) stationed in Shankheshwar reported that between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning, an accident occurred involving a pickup van and a van. It was revealed that both vehicles collided, resulting in a fire outbreak. 

Unfortunately, two individuals inside the van were trapped as it caught fire, leading to their demise, accounting for 70% of the casualties. However, the driver of the pickup van escaped unharmed as he managed to exit the vehicle. 

Currently, the police are working on identifying the victims and have also taken the driver of the pickup van into custody for further investigation. The police team remains at the scene to conduct a thorough examination.

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