Shiv Sena’s Key Campaigner Helicopter Crash: News Update

A helicopter For Susma Dagdu Andher, the star campaigner of the Shiv Sena (UBT) group and party, crashed in Maharashtra’s Mahad. Susma was supposed to address an election rally in Baramati. The incident occurred around 9:30 AM on Friday.

Susma had announced that she would address the election meeting, so she was supposed to go to Baramati. I reached in a car. I saw that the helicopter took 2-3 rounds in the sky. After that, it crashed during landing. She informed that the pilot of the helicopter is injured.

Susma Dagdu Andher is the star campaigner of the Shiv Sena group. She is also a lecturer in political science and sociology.

Ujjwal Nikam, a prominent lawyer from Mumbai North Central

Before filing a nomination for the Lok Sabha elections, Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has withdrawn from all cases in which he was appearing as Special Public Prosecutor in court. Nikam has been involved in cases related to 1993 bomb blasts, 26/11 terrorist attacks, and Aurangabad arms acquisition.

The BJP has nominated renowned lawyer Ujjwal Nikam from Mumbai North Central. Nikam had secured the hanging of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Nikam was also a government lawyer in the 1992 Mumbai blasts case.

He said that if needed, he will withdraw from these cases as a special government lawyer here. Union Home Minister Amit Shah had said on May 2 that Rahul Gandhi had started his party’s rejuvenation with the ‘Join Congress’ journey to connect India, which will end with the Congress hunt journey after June 4 (Lok Sabha election results).

He said that the Congress has not gained momentum in the first two phases, while Narendra Modi is shouting century and is ahead in the race of 400. The Congress party does not seem to be visible through the telescope. Congress-SPA indulges in appeasement politics.

Congress has provided anonymity to Muslims by bringing out the reports of Ranganath Mishra and Sachar Committee as part of the conspiracy.

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