Bolero Pickup Crashes into Restaurant Near Genda Circle : Manager Rescued

In an unexpected incident at a restaurant near Gand Circle in the expansive vicinity of Vadodara city’s Gorwa Police Station, a Bolero pickup driver accidentally crashed into the restaurant’s glass, causing significant damage due to the driver’s negligence. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, but the restaurant owner incurred heavy losses. Police also arrived at the scene of the incident, and the entire event was captured on CCTV.

Driver Starts Bolero Accidentally

According to available information, a Bolero pickup driver, who was working for a courier service in the late hours near Sarabhai Atlantis or Ten Circle in Gorwa police station’s jurisdiction, accidentally started the vehicle and crashed into a private restaurant nearby, breaking the glass. Since the incident occurred late at night, fortunately, there were no casualties. The hotel manager was startled by Bolero’s driver’s recklessness.

Restaurant Manager’s Allegations Against the Driver Being Under Influence

The entire incident caused a stir among locals, leading them to inform Gorwa Police. Upon receiving the report, a team from Gorwa Police immediately reached the scene and swiftly detained an individual, along with the Bolero driver. The restaurant manager accused the driver of being intoxicated, claiming he had noticed this behavior before.

Resolution Between the Bolero Driver and Restaurant Owner

Following the accident, the entire matter was brought to the attention of the police authorities. It was communicated during a telephonic conversation with the P.I. of Gorwa Police that the incident occurred accidentally. There were no casualties in this incident, and the driver accidentally pressed the accelerator, causing the vehicle to move unexpectedly. This matter was resolved between the Bolero driver and the restaurant owner without any formal complaint being filed. The allegations of the Bolero driver being intoxicated were found to be false.

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