The Family Tragedy: Husband’s Body Found in Olpad, Wife and Son’s Bodies in Surat; Woman Pregnant for 4 Months

In a perplexing turn of events in Surat’s Jahangirpura area, the lifeless bodies of a woman and a child were discovered in a canal, while the body of a man was found near Olpad. Police investigations have revealed that the husband, wife, and their eight-year-old son have met an unfortunate demise. 

This family resides in Bharuch and the bodies were brought to a mortuary in Amroli. As the investigation progresses, the circumstances surrounding this incident remain shrouded in mystery. 

However, initial reports suggest that the woman was pregnant for four months, adding another layer of complexity to this tragic incident.

Both bodies were found together in the canal

Three Bodies Found Together

According to available information, the deceased woman has been identified as 24-year-old Khurshida Wasim Patel, while her eight-year-old son’s name is Moit Patel. Meanwhile, the husband of the deceased woman, whose body was found near Olpad, is named Wasim Patel. 

This family was traveling on a bike to Bharuch to visit their home when an incident occurred on the way, resulting in the discovery of all three bodies together.

Entire Family Had Left Home on a Motorcycle

According to available information, Vasim Patel and his family had come to Amroli to visit their relatives’ home, where they were supposed to stay. This morning, around five o’clock, the entire family had left home to go to Bharuch. 

However, the motorcycle they had used to leave home has not been found yet.

Both bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital PM

Postmortem Reveals Deceased Woman Was Pregnant

The postmortem examination of the deceased Khurshida and her innocent son, Moit, was conducted at Surat Civil Hospital, indicating that both deaths occurred due to drowning in water. 

The postmortem report also reveals that Khurshida was four months pregnant. No other signs of injury were found on the bodies of Khurshida and Moiz. However, there is a mark on Vasim’s forehead. Along with that, Vasim’s shirt or T-shirt has been found removed under the circumstances.

Incident Deemed a Mystery, Neither Suicide Nor Accident

According to information obtained from the police, there was no indication of any kind of stress within this family, which is why the incident is shrouded in mystery, whether it was a suicide or an accident. 

Vasim Patel’s body was found by Olpad police, prompting them to handle the investigation. Meanwhile, the investigation into the deaths of Khurshida and her son will be conducted by Jahangirpura police.

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