Learn Hindu God History from Mitul Trivedi: Rs 500 | ISRO & NASA Affiliated

MITUL TRIVEDI ON INSTAGRAM: Mitul Trivedi has also published photos of an alleged Instagram God and advertised a webinar for Rs 500 to teach the history of God. Seeing all this, people were very angry and shouted.

Surat-based scientist Mitul Trivedi, who claimed to have designed the Chandrayaan-3, had a blast. ISRO has said that no person named Mitul Trivedi is directly or indirectly associated with them. This is a fake person. Not only this, it has been learned that preparations are being made to file a crime under sections 420-467-468, 471 against Mitul Trivedi, who is considered a scientist.

Now an alleged Instagram account of this person has come to the attention of the public in which Mitul Trivedi, a self-proclaimed scientist, advertised webinars to teach the history of Gods. In this Instagram post, Mitul has also printed photos of Gods and advertised a webinar for 500 rupees to teach the history of God.

He has posted photos on various issues on Instagram in which in one video he was seen talking about Lord Ram. A person who earns from such posts and books giving false identity has hurt many people’s feelings and was thoroughly washed by the netizens.

Apart from this, he is also seen doing activities like Spoken Sanskrit. So it is natural for people to question that how can a person of scientific status be so naive? About which people have given reactions on his Instagram posts.

Dr. A link is provided in Mitul Trivedi’s bio which contains details of a book sale. He appears to have authored a book called Indus Scripts and Glory himself. The price of this book is shown as 2481 rupees.

Apart from this, in another post he claims to explain the history of Gods, in which he criticized Mitul Trivedi for these activities, hurting the sentiments of some people in the comment section, which shows how angry people must have been with people making such false claims.

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