Deadly Cyclone Idalia: Historic Florida Storm, 900 Flights Cancelled

Cyclone Idalia is wreaking havoc in 4 states of America. Since making landfall in Big Bend, Florida on Wednesday, the storm has killed two people so far. After Florida, the storm has moved towards Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. As a result, around 4.5 lakh households in Georgia and Florida are without electricity.

Around 900 flights have been canceled due to Cyclone Idalia. At the time of landfall, the cyclone was downgraded from Category 4 to Category 3. Due to which the wind speed was recorded at 200 km per hour. Idalia is the deadliest storm in Florida’s 100-year history, according to weather service officials. Emergency has been imposed in four states in view of the storm.

55 Thousand Troops Were Deployed for Rescue

According to New York Times, many power lines were damaged due to the cyclone. In addition, in several counties, stores were destroyed by high winds and some trading settlements were also set on fire. People in 30 Florida counties were urged to evacuate their homes ahead of landfall on Wednesday. About 55 thousand soldiers were deployed for relief and rescue operations.

100-year-old Oak Tree Falls Near Governor’s House

Florida Governor DeSantis said his focus is now on relief work. The extent of the devastation caused by the storms in the state is yet to be fully assessed. DeSantis and his family also felt the effects of the storm in Tallahassee, Florida.

His wife said she was at home with their three children when a 100-year-old oak tree above one of their houses collapsed. However, no one was harmed in this.

The Largest Hurricane Occurred in 1896

The previous major hurricane hit the Cedar Keys in Big Bend in 1896, killing 70 people. This storm was a very powerful and destructive storm. This was followed in 2016 by Hurricane Hermine along with Big Bend. This caused little damage but one person lost their life.

The local mayor of Big Bend said his family has lived there for generations but he had never seen a storm this horrific before.

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