Gujarat ST to Acquire 1832 New Buses: 200 Sleeper Coaches, 400 Super Express

Hearing the name of ST bus, everyone’s brows go down. At one time ST. The buses were so shabby that they didn’t even have glass shelves. Even though the glass was closed, when the bus was running, there was a constant noise due to the glass wrestling with each other on the bumpy road. Especially in the bitter cold of winter, if the glass was not closed, the passengers would get suffocated. As soon as the bus stopped at the depot, people used to jostle to get inside. Not only that, people were reserving a seat by placing a glass handkerchief on the seat by climbing on the tire. In which there were often incidents of friction. But today people believe that the situation has completely changed.

Private Buses Vs Goverment ST Buses

The cheap fares and proving the adage of Jatra to Siddhpur, ST Corporation buses are becoming comfortable to travel today. Even now this ST is very crowded. These buses are packed with passengers especially during festivals. But with the implementation of the reservation system, the passengers have started getting relief from the hassle of getting a seat. ST regular buses are true but luxury buses also make you feel like you are traveling in private luxury. Due to the suggestions of the administration, all the buses have started to be equipped more. Recently, the government has now decided to buy new buses.

The Fleet of Buses Will Continue to Grow in This Way Till May

This time the government will purchase 1032 ready built buses for the first time in history. Not only that, a total of 1832 buses will be purchased by next March-2024. While 800 buses will be taken till May-2024. Thus, a total of 2800 new buses will be added to ST’s fleet by late May-2024.

There Were Only 1,767 Buses at the Time of Establishment

At the time of establishment of GSRTC on May 1, 1960, Gujarat Government had a total of 1,767 buses and Gujarat ST had 7 divisions, 76 depots and 7 division workshops. Which is increasing later. At present Gujarat ST has 7 tire retreading plants and a bus body building plant with the capacity to produce 1000 bus bodies per year. Gujarat ST has its own printing press.

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