Gujarat ST Fare Hike After 10 Years: Rs. 1 to 6 Increase

The fares of bus services run by the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) have been hiked. The corporation has claimed that the rent has been increased for the first time since 2014. The applicable fare is Rs. There will be an increase from one to 6 rupees. 10 lakh people travel by bus every day in the state. ST bus fare hike will be applicable from midnight today.

Increase In Fare Including Local

ST bus fares have been hiked by Gujarat State ST Corporation. It has been decided to increase the fare of local, express and non AC sleeper buses. In which the price has been increased by 16 paisa in local, 17 paisa in express and 15 paisa per kilometer in non AC sleeper.

For Better Facilities To The People

ST fares have not been hiked for the last ten years and now ST Corporation has decided to provide better facilities to the passengers and this decision has been taken. In Gujarat ST maximum 85 percent people travel by local bus. So it has been increased from one to six rupees.

Diesel Allowance Reason For Fare Hike

According to the Gujarat ST Corporation, ST fares have not been increased for the last ten years. The hike in fares has been decided due to increase in diesel, dearness allowance, chassis and tire prices. Since the year 2014 till date, the financial burden on the ST Corporation has increased due to various reasons, due to which the decision of fare hike has now arisen.


The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has raised bus fares for the first time since 2014, impacting local, express, and non AC sleeper services. The fare increase ranges from 16 paisa to 15 paisa per kilometer, affecting around 10 lakh daily commuters. The decision comes in response to rising diesel prices, dearness allowance, and other financial burdens faced by the corporation in recent years.

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