Banners of Narendra Modi and Parshottam Rupala Embracing in Rajkot Overnight Removed by Election Authorities in the Morning

The political atmosphere in Rajkot, especially concerning the Kshatriya community, has become charged following a request made by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Lok Sabha candidate Parshottam Rupala. 

On one hand, there’s opposition from the Kshatriya community, while on the other, the Patidars have initiated the placement of posters and banners in support of Rupala since yesterday. These banners, featuring photographs of Rupala and Modi embracing each other with the slogan “I am with Narendra Modi, I am with Parshottam Rupala,” have been put up in Ambika Township of the city. 

These banners, which have been put up by the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti during the past Patidar agitation, have reportedly been removed by the Election Branch of the Rajkot District Administration today. This comes in light of potential violations of the Model Code of Conduct, leading to the removal of these banners.

Youth put up banners in Ambika township

Youth Erect Banners in Support, Opposition to Rupala Remains Unbowed

Opposition against Rupala, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) candidate for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat, hasn’t waned despite efforts to quell it. Padmavati Ba Vala, the women’s wing president of the Rajput Karni Sena, continues her hunger strike for the third consecutive day against alleged injustices. 

On the other hand, since yesterday, there has been a surge in support for Rupala from the Patidars. Just a day ago, banners featuring Rupala’s photographs were placed in Ambika Township by the Rajkot Youth Club. Overnight, banners adorned with photographs of Rupala alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi were installed. These banners were put up by the local youth in the vicinity.

Text supporting Rupala and BJP in the banner

Banner Messages and Political Climate in Rajkot

The banners are inscribed with messages such as “I am with Sanatan, I am with Hindutva, I am with BJP, I am with Narendra Modi, I am with Parshottam Rupala.” 

These statements on the banners indicate that Parshottam Rupala will remain the final candidate for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat, leading to a current atmosphere in Rajkot where the Kshatriya community is now pitted against the Patidars. 

Currently, there’s ongoing speculation about whether Rupala will be replaced by the BJP or if he will continue as is, which is stirring discussions among the public.

200 Banners in Ambika Township Extend Support for Rupala

Yesterday, once again, Ambika Township witnessed the display of 200 posters in support of Rupala. Under the leadership of the Youth Club, around 200 individuals from various societies in Ambika Township have expressed their support for Rupala to secure victory. 

This ongoing support for Rupala has drawn attention, with long-time political figure and former Rajkot Municipal Corporation corporator Narendra Solanki entering the scene and appealing to the Kshatriya community to forgive Rupala.

Kshatriyas Should Consider Forgiving Rupala

Narendra Solanki, the former corporator of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation and a prominent figure in local politics, has suggested that the Kshatriya community should consider forgiving Parshottam Rupala, the BJP candidate for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat. 

Solanki stated that Rupala has made a formal request for forgiveness regarding the matter brought up by the Kshatriya community, marking the first instance of such an appeal in the past 40 years. This gesture from Rupala deserves consideration, particularly in light of the positive remarks made by respected figures such as Mahant Lalbapu of the Gadhethad Ashram.

Narendra Solanki’s Open Endorsement for Rupala

Narendra Solanki has expressed his full support for Parshottam Rupala, drawing parallels with historical figures like Maharana Pratap and Prithviraj Chauhan, who forgave their adversaries despite facing invasions. 

He highlighted the significant sacrifices made by the Kshatriya community, such as offering 562 princely states to the nation, emphasizing that Rupala’s request for forgiveness should be considered by the entire community. 

Recognizing Rupala’s suitable leadership for Rajkot district, Solanki emphasized that he should be the candidate for the Rajkot Lok Sabha seat. This political endorsement by Narendra Solanki after a long time signals widespread support for Rupala.

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