International Women Drug Traffickers Hit Gujarat, Expose Ahmedabad Rave Party

In Ahmedabad, a foreign girl was discovered with drugs that had been ordered for a party in the Bhudarpura area. This girl had visited Ahmedabad previously, and it has come to light that there are five other girls connected to this drug circle, as per the Ahmedabad Crime Branch’s information. The entire drug operation appears to have originated from a farmhouse near Limbadi, where five individuals from Ahmedabad were present, with the possibility of girls being among them.

These drugs were likely intended for recreational use. This situation bears some resemblance to the plot of a web series called ‘C’ that was released recently. While the identities of the drug dealers remain unknown, it seems that they operated with delivery girls in a localized network.

Ahmedabad Crime Branch Uncovered the Entire Illegal Scheme

In Ahmedabad city, affluent individuals have been organizing drug parties for their own enjoyment. These parties took place in farmhouses located near Ahmedabad and Surendranagar. The police have obtained information about the son of a dairy owner and his associates who were involved in these parties. The Ahmedabad Crime Branch, led by PI Mitesh Trivedi, successfully uncovered this drug racket and arrested a foreign woman along with a recipient in possession of cocaine. Subsequently, the investigation has been handed over to another authority to further pursue the case.

How Did the Entire Circuit Operate?

In the past, there was a web series called ‘C’ where a woman played the role of a drug dealer. She supplied drugs to various places, but nobody knew how this illegal operation worked. Interestingly, this drug racket was mainly run by women. These women were involved in delivering drugs to strangers during rave parties. The operation initially started in Mumbai. A man linked to a major drug dealer in Mumbai would get in touch with these women. He would provide them with drugs and specify a location. The women would then travel by road from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Upon reaching the designated location, they would find a person already waiting there, representing the buyer of the drugs. Both parties would wear masks and avoid any communication with others. They would swiftly exchange a package without counting the money inside. Once the drugs were handed over, the women would receive a packet containing money and leave. This secretive network was responsible for the flow of drugs from Mumbai to Gujarat.

What Is the Police’s Statement?

Mitesh Trivedi, the officer who previously apprehended the suspects in this case, explained that typically, these individuals ordered cocaine for recreational purposes. It’s evident that when these parties were organized, women were involved, and the initial group of five gradually expanded to 15 members. Strikingly, none of the drug consumers or suppliers ever met in person; their interactions were solely through phone contacts. The drug peddlers frequently changed, with Shaleen Shah playing a significant role. Sylvester, the man responsible for supplying the drugs, communicated with Livingston via phone. According to Sylvester, he used to send drugs to Ahmedabad. He would buy drugs from Shaleen Shah, providing drugs worth 8,000 rupees to Aditya and his friends for 15,000 and 20,000 rupees, respectively. This type of drug operation had been ongoing for some time, with the group often gathering for parties at a farmhouse near Limdi.

What Occurred?

Legal action has been taken swiftly after the apprehension of the accused individuals. The incident involved the accused, including Shaleen Kalpeshbhai Shah residing at Prakritikunj Society near Ambawadi, Ahmedabad; Aditya, also known as Blacky Sureshbhai Patel, residing at Mandar Bungalows near Thalatej, Ahmedabad; and Asimul, also known as Kelly James Reichel, with an address in Wakiso District, Kampala, Uganda, Africa. They were found in possession of a quantity of cocaine drugs during their journey from Bhudarpura Char Road to Radio Mirchi Bungalow No. 7/B Prakritikunj Society.

During the Interrogation of Accused Who Ordered Drugs for Sylvester of Aditya Mumbai

It has been revealed that the accused individuals, including Shaleen Shah, Aditya Patel, and their group of friends, have been regularly gathering for cocaine parties once or twice a month over the past four years. All of them have developed a dependence on cocaine drugs. The arrested suspects would exchange money for cocaine drugs with those attending these parties. Aditya Shah used to order drugs from Sylvester, who resided in Mumbai, and Sylvester would deliver the cocaine to Aditya in Ahmedabad through a courier from Mumbai. Aditya Shah established contact with Sylvester from Uganda four years ago through a friend, and since then, he has been ordering drugs from him once or twice a month.

The quantity of cocaine drugs confiscated from the accused was ordered by Shaleen Shah and Aditya Patel, who paid Rs. 10,000 to a woman for the drugs, which they received from Sylvester in Mumbai. The Ugandan woman, Asimul Reichel, came to Ahmedabad to deliver the cocaine. While she was in Aditya Patel’s car to receive the drug delivery, the crime branch team arrested all of them. Asimul Reichel, the Ugandan woman, was contacted by Sylvester, who was supplying drugs to Asimul Reichel in Mumbai through another associate named Livingstone. Subsequently, the woman transported the drugs to Ahmedabad and received payment in cash, receiving Rs. 10,000 for facilitating the drug trip. Further investigations will be carried out to identify and scrutinize other individuals involved in this criminal activity.

Seized Matter

  • Quantity of Cocaine: 50.750 grams, with a total value of Rs. 4,06,000/-
  • Mobile Phones: 3, with a total price of Rs. 1,70,000/-
  • Cash: Rs. 3,28,000/-
  • Passport: 1
  • Ladies Purse: 1, with a total price of Rs. 500/-
  • Toyota Highrider Car: 1, with a total price of Rs. 20,00,000/-

The combined value of these items is Rs. 29,04,500/-.

A crime has been registered at the DCB Police Station Part B-G.R.No.11191011230236/2022 under sections 8(c), 22(c), and 29 of the NDPS Act concerning the unauthorized possession of a quantity of cocaine drugs recovered from the aforementioned trio. The investigation into this crime is currently in progress. It’s worth noting that accused Aditya Patel has been previously arrested at Vastrapur police station for a prohibition-related offense.

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