Ugandan Woman Among 3 Arrested for Drugs at 4-Year Ahmedabad Rave

The Ahmedabad city crime branch has arrested 3 people, including a Ugandan woman, with cocaine. The female peddler brought drugs from Mumbai and has supplied drugs 8 times in this manner. It has been revealed that the drug used to come to Ahmedabad 1-2 times per month for rave parties.

Ahmedabad Crime Branch has arrested a woman named Asimul Riyel from Uganda. This woman used to supply drugs to Ahmedabad by flight, train or bus from Mumbai for 10 thousand rupees. Accused Shalin Shah and Aditya Patel used to deliver this drug. It has been revealed that both are businessmen.

The accused woman came to India on a medical visa, but her visa expired. According to the information, Aditya was in touch with a person named Sylvester for the last 4 years to whom he used to order drugs. Sylvester used to send drugs to the female accused through his person Livingstone. Aditya used to organize rave parties in Ahmedabad or nearby districts 1-2 times a month by ordering this drug and in which he called friends and collected an amount of 25 thousand.

Importantly, the party is being organized in this way for the last 4 years. The question is whether these people were ordering drugs from someone else? Why did the police not notice that the rave party was going on for so long? The police are now conducting operations to nab the main drug accused. Then, after the arrest of the main accused, it seems that other big revelations may come out and how the drug came to India will also be revealed.

Niyati Rao

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