Late Night Robbers Strike Gold Trader’s Car in Vadodara, Threaten with Violence, Flee with Loot

In a shocking turn of events in the serene village of Sadhli in Shinor Taluka, a young businessman, Soni, found himself confronted by robbers while heading home in his car late at night. The incident occurred near Tinglod village, situated along the Sadhli-Karjan road, where the cinematic scene unfolded as four masked assailants intercepted Soni’s car, blocking its path. 

Threatening Soni with a menacing machete, the robbers swiftly executed their plan, snatching away a gold chain worth Rs. 40,000 before fleeing the scene. In addition to the monetary loss, the robbers also inflicted damage to the businessman’s car, breaking its windows. The incident has sparked fear and concern among locals, prompting calls for heightened vigilance and security measures in the area.

Gold and Silver Shop Opens in Sadhli

According to the complaint registered at the Shinor Police Station, in Karjan’s old market area, residing in the Golden Arch Society, Kamleshkumar Jayanthilal Soni (30) and his family, have established a new shop named Jay Amba Jewelers in Sadhli village.

Car windows were broken.

Violent Robbery Strikes Sadhli: Businessman Targeted

For the past five years, Kamleshkumar Soni, who runs a shop in Sadhli, has been closing his shop around 8 PM every night and heading home. This Monday night was no different, as he shut his shop and embarked on his journey home along the Sadhli-Karjan road. 

However, midway near Tinglod village, his car was rammed by robbers who had been lying in wait. The assailants struck the businessman’s car, shattering its windows with stones hurled from both the driver’s and rear sides. Startled, the businessman’s car veered off the road, leaving him shaken by the sudden attack.

Robbers Conduct Search in Car: Businessman Kamleshkumar’s Ordeal

As Kamleshkumar’s car descended down the side of the road, the three robbers, out of the four, who had forced themselves into the businessman’s car, began inspecting it while they were still inside. 

One of the robbers, addressing Kamleshkumar (referred to as ‘Daatrdu’), warned him, “Give us whatever you have, or else we will hurt you.” Sensing the gravity of the situation, Kamleshkumar disclosed the whereabouts of his possessions. Consequently, the robbers seized an 18-gram gold pendant and a gold chain worth Rs. 40,000, swiftly fleeing the scene.

Police rushed to the spot.

Multilingual Robbery Complaint Promptly Lodged by Victim Kamleshkumar Soni

Kamleshkumar Soni, who speaks both Gujarati and Hindi, immediately headed to the Shinor Police Station amidst the aftermath of the robbery incident. He lodged a complaint against the four masked robbers, aged between 25 and 30, proficient in both Hindi and Gujarati languages. 

Promptly responding to Soni’s complaint, the Shinor Police initiated an investigation into the robbery case based on the filed report. The investigation is currently underway under the supervision of PSI A.R. Mahida.

First-Time Incident: Sadhli’s New Gold and Silver Shop Targeted by Robbers

For the first time since its establishment, businessman Kamleshkumar Soni, owner of the robbed shop, received a distressing call informing him about the burglary at his gold and silver store in Sadhli. This marks the initial occurrence of such an incident in the five years since the shop’s inception. The robbers seem to have targeted the shop directly from Sadhli itself. Police investigations into the matter have commenced promptly.

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