Mega IT Operation in Gujarat: Raids on Khurana Group and Madhav Constructions in Ahmedabad-Vadodara

After a long time, the Income Tax Department has initiated an operation in Gujarat. The department received some information related to the Khurana Group in Vadodara and Ahmedabad. This information included details about certain transactions and benami (anonymous) properties. Consequently, the Income Tax Department has started a search operation today by conducting raids at 27 different locations simultaneously.

Currently, it is also emerging that some financial transaction details were obtained by the Income Tax Department a while ago, and investigations in that direction are ongoing. Additionally, sources indicate that important details and papers are being examined from the company’s managers and their relatives.

Raids Conducted Simultaneously at Offices and Homes

After a long time, the Income Tax Department has launched a mega operation in Gujarat on Saturday. Today, the Income Tax team has arrived at the Khurana Group and Madhav Construction in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Raids were conducted simultaneously at their offices and homes. Based on information about transactions that occurred some time ago, the Income Tax Department has initiated a search operation in Ahmedabad and Vadodara today.

Possibility of Finding Important Documents After Search

The Income Tax investigation has begun at the premises of Ashok Khurana and other partners of the Khurana Group in Vadodara. In Ahmedabad, the Income Tax search is also underway at the residences of Sudhir Khurana, Vikram Khurana, and Ashish Khurana of Madhav Construction. According to sources, there is a possibility of uncovering important documents and transaction details after this search. Additionally, with simultaneous raids at homes and offices, it is anticipated that the Income Tax Department will also conduct investigations at bank lockers and other locations in the near future.

Search Operation Started Early Morning in Vadodara

The search operation has been initiated at the central office of the Madhav Group located in Subhanpura, Vadodara. This company is involved in construction and solar panel work. There is a high possibility of uncovering significant benami transactions. Income Tax officers joined the search operation early in the morning.

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