Income-Tax Raids on Builder Groups: Ahmedabad Office-Site Searches by 150+ Officers

In Ahmedabad this morning, the Income Tax department’s teams have conducted search operations at various locations in the city, including the offices and sites of around three dozen builder groups and brokers. More than 150 officers and employees from the Income Tax department are involved in this search operation. After the Income Tax department’s search operation, the possibility of significant revelations emerging remains.

Inspection of More Than 150 Officials

According to the information received, Income Tax department carried out raids today on two dozen builder groups, including projects by Tricam Patel and Anil Patel in various areas, including Science City Road. In addition to the well-known group of Amarit Kanu Patel, Sandeep Patel, and Baldew Patel in Ahmedabad, three groups have also been included in this search operation.

Operation Can Continue Until Late Evening

Not only builder groups but also two brokers from Ahmedabad have come under the radar of the Income Tax department. Offices near the High Court as well as other offices have been inspected by the Income Tax department’s teams. In the city, more than 150 officers of the Income Tax department have been included in the inspection. At the end of the inspection, the possibility of a major disclosure has arisen. The Income Tax department’s operation may continue until late in the evening.

Niyati Rao

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