Bengal Governor Anand Bose Faces Allegations: Women Complain of Harassment, Bose Denies Accusations

The Governor of West Bengal, C.V. Anand Bose, faces allegations of sexual harassment by a female employee at the Raj Bhavan. She has lodged a written complaint at the Harishchandra Street Police Station.

The allegation against the woman is that she visited the Governor on March 24 to seek permanent employment, after which the Governor made unwanted advances. When the same incident repeated on Thursday, she approached a police officer stationed outside the Raj Bhavan to file her complaint.

Though the Governor denies the woman’s allegations, he stated that this is a conspiracy to defame him, fueled by personal vendettas against him. He expressed confidence in the victory of truth and asserted that he is not afraid of the allegations leveled against him. If someone tries to tarnish his image for personal gain in the elections, may God do justice. He cannot stop the fight against corruption and violence.

Modi to Demand Clarity from the Governor?: Sagarika Ghose

Congress MP Sagarika Ghose has made a video statement regarding allegations against Governor C.V. Anand Bose. She stated that serious allegations have been made against the Governor of West Bengal, including sexual harassment and nepotism. When a woman went to the Raj Bhavan, Governor C.V. Anand Bose, through his secretary, harassed her, engaged in sexual misconduct, and practiced favoritism. The woman has now reached the police station to register her complaint.

Subhendu Adhikari said – If the truth comes out, action will be taken

BJP leader Subhendu Adhikari said that whether these allegations remain true or turn out to be a conspiracy, action will be taken. 26,000 teachers lost their jobs due to him, and Trinamool Congress surrounded him with allegations of corruption. This complaint is a political conspiracy; why it is happening should be investigated thoroughly. If this turns out to be true, the central government will take strict action.

Ban on Police Entry into Raj Bhavan

Meanwhile, a ban has been imposed on police entry into the Raj Bhavan premises. Additionally, the Governor also imposed a ban on the entry of State Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya. The Governor had accused Chandrima of violating the Constitution. He has sought advice from the Attorney General to take action against the Minister.

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