Surat Suicide Attempt: TRB Jawan Intervenes Before Lover’s Betrayal, Live Video Captures Incident

In a heart-wrenching incident in the Katargam area of Surat, a young woman, residing in the vicinity, attempted suicide by jumping into the Tapi River from the Amroli Bridge, driven to despair by the betrayal of her lover. Fortunately, bystanders, including members of the traffic brigade and civilians, managed to rescue her in time and handed her over to her father. 

This wasn’t the first time the young woman had attempted to end her life by leaping off the bridge into the river. Feeling devastated by the betrayal of her lover and the shattered dreams of a promising relationship, she found herself engulfed in profound despair, leading to this tragic attempt on her life.

Traffic Officer Calls Out Rickshaw Driver for Violating Regulations

Near the old tax collection point in Amroli, a member of the traffic police brigade was monitoring duties under the scorching sun. While overseeing the traffic flow on the bridge, his attention was drawn to a young woman attempting to jump off the railing onto the grill of the bridge. Reacting swiftly, Rahul Kailashbhai Dayman, the traffic police officer stationed nearby, immediately summoned a nearby rickshaw driver by honking his horn to intervene in the situation.

TRB jawan Rahul played a key role in rescuing the girl

Prompt Response Averts Tragedy: Surat’s Commendable Rescue Operation

As Rahul cautiously approached the distressed young woman, he engaged her in conversation, aiming to prevent a potential tragedy. Meanwhile, others swiftly intervened, ensuring her safety and promptly alerting both the fire brigade and the police. Amidst the chaos, with concerned citizens and women rushing to the scene, a collaborative effort ensued. 

Ultimately, utilizing a coordinated approach, the police and fire brigade managed to safely rescue the young woman from the brink of disaster, pulling her back from the edge of the railing and ensuring her well-being.

Police handed over the girl to her parents

Heartbreak Leads to Tragedy: Father of One, Lover Betrayed

For four years, a deep romantic bond had tied a young woman to her lover. Despite promising to remain faithful, the lover initiated a new relationship, ultimately becoming a father. Shocked and devastated by this betrayal, the young woman, residing in the Katargam area, attempted suicide by jumping into the Tapi River. Fortunately, alert bystanders, including traffic brigade personnel like Rahul Dayman, intervened just in time to prevent the tragic incident and executed commendable efforts to rescue her from the brink of disaster.

People rushed to save the girl

TRB Officers Recognize Traffic Brigade’s Heroic Efforts

Following the incident, where a young woman was saved from a tragic accident by traffic brigade personnel, including Rahul, her father and Katargam PCR van personnel were also brought into the picture. Tragically, the young woman’s mother had passed away, leaving her father as her sole guardian. 

Recognizing the exemplary dedication shown by the traffic brigade personnel in rescuing the young woman and their overall commitment to duty, senior police officials promptly acknowledged and commended their actions, reaffirming the importance of their role in maintaining public safety.

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