Rajkot Youth Ends Life Over Police Torture: Viramgam PSI Patel Offered 3 Lakhs, Continued Demands

A complaint has been lodged with the police in Rajkot against PSI Hiten Patel from Viramgam. The complaint stems from an incident where a person named Deepak Suthar, residing in the Mavdi area of Rajkot, tragically took his own life. Before committing suicide, he had recorded a video where he alleged that PSI Hiten Patel had demanded money to settle a liquor case. The complaint filed by the deceased’s wife accuses Viramgam police PSI of abetting suicide.

Widow Lodges Complaint Against PSI

My name is Alpaben Deepakbhai Dhragadhariya… I am filing the complaint that my husband, Deepak Harjivanbhai Dhragadhariya (age 43), used to work as a carpenter, and we have one son, Darshan (age 17), who is studying in 10th grade. Yesterday, on 22nd February 2024, I went to my brother Ketan Pravinbhai’s house in Gajdi village along with my husband Deepak and my son Darshan. Both my husband and my son were at our Rajkot residence.

A young man from Rajkot made a video before committing suicide.

Wife Discloses Husband’s Video

My husband had made a video. I received a call from my husband around 9:30 pm and he said that he was coming home and not to worry. I was waiting outside. Later, at around 11:00 pm, he arrived at our home in Rajkot. At that time, my husband Deepak was not at home, and when I called him at midnight, his phone was switched off. So, I tried calling again at 1:00 am, but his phone was still switched off. 

I tried again at 1:45 am, but he did not pick up. Then I and my son went to sleep. Today, around 7:30 in the morning, I tried calling him again but his phone was still switched off. Later, while going to the TV, my husband’s other mobile was lying at home. When I opened the mobile, I saw that my husband had made a video addressing Rajkot Commissioner Sahib.

Husband Didn’t Answer Calls Since Last Night

In the video, it is mentioned that PSI Patel Saheb from Viramgam Rural had taken a bottle of liquor from someone in Rajasthan about four months ago. It is believed that he will be caught soon, and he named me and falsely accused me of carrying eight bottles and filed a case against me. 

He extorted 3 lakhs from me threatening to send me to jail, and then on the 14th, someone else was caught with alcohol, and again, falsely used my name, demanding 10 lakhs. The distress caused by PSI Patel Saheb from Viramgam Rural led to this suicidal declaration in the video, which prompted me to immediately call my sister-in-law Pravinbhai’s wife and discuss that Deepak hasn’t answered calls since last night.

Discovery of Husband’s Body

When I went to my sister-in-law’s house, my brother-in-law Pravinbhai was leaving. I told him that Deepak hasn’t answered calls since last night. So, Pravinbhai said, “Don’t worry, I’m going.” Where Deepak went out, and then my brother Ketan came to fetch me and informed me that Deepak has hanged himself at the temple of Mogal Mata in Khambha village. And his body has been kept in the post-mortem room of the government hospital in Lodhika. 

Hence, I along with Ketan, Pravinbhai, Yogeshbhai, and my brother Hiteshbhai were present at the government hospital where my husband Deepak’s body was lying, with a noose around his neck, indicating suicide. They all were present at the government.

Threats and Tragedy: Husband’s Suicide Due to Pressure from Police

I learned from my brother-in-law Yogeshbhai that the Viramgam Rural Police Station is under PSI Patel Saheb, whose name is Hitendrabhai Patel, and they hold the position of PSI in the Viramgam Rural Police Station. It was PSI Hitendrabhai Patel from the Viramgam Rural Police Station who, under threat, coerced my husband Deepak into admitting to a case involving alcohol and demanded money. Unable to bear the torment caused by them, my husband Deepak was compelled to hang himself, succumbing to the pressure, and ended his life. Now, it is our plea for justice to be served against those who have caused this tragedy.

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