Indore Tragedy: Parents Donate Only Son’s Eyes After Fatal Accident; Two Sisters Married Just a Month Ago

In a tragic incident in Raoji Bazar, Indore, a shopkeeper lost his life in an accident, prompting his family to donate his eyes after his demise. The deceased, identified as Rahul (28), son of Harikh Bakhani, according to the Raoji Bazar police, met with the accident on Saturday evening. The mishap occurred around 6:30 PM near Loha Mandi Bridge as Rahul was returning with goods on a scooter from the transport area. 

A collision with a loading truck caused him to fall from his Activa scooter, with the truck’s wheel passing over him, resulting in his immediate demise. Both the loading vehicle and the Activa were seized by the authorities, while Rahul’s body was sent to the MY for post-mortem examination. The family’s decision to donate his eyes reflects a gesture of compassion amidst their profound loss.

Parents Donate the Eyes of Their Only Son

In Ranipura, Rahul’s family owns a soap shop. He was their only son, with two elder sisters who got married last month, one in Mumbai and the other in Indore. Rahul used to live with his parents and grandparents. The family is associated with the Smile Foundation Group. Relative Jeetu Bakhani talked to the family at night, after which the decision to donate Rahul’s eyes was made. A team of doctors was sent at night, and his eyes were donated.

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