Unraveling Jatayu’s Ayodhya Arrival: Debunking Viral Video Claims Amid Ram Temple Inauguration

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated temple inauguration, a surge in viral claims has permeated social media platforms. Among these, a particularly intriguing assertion has emerged, suggesting that a flock of Jatayu (vultures) has begun converging on Ayodhya. Numerous verified users on social media platform X have actively shared videos showcasing these purported gatherings, insinuating a connection between the avian phenomenon and the imminent temple festivities.

Alongside the dissemination of these videos, questions have surfaced, with individuals pondering whether the apparent influx of Jatayu is a mere coincidence or a miraculous occurrence tied to divine symbolism. In response to the mounting speculation, a thorough investigation was undertaken to assess the validity of the viral claim. The findings unequivocally reveal that the assertion of Jatayu’s flock arriving in Ayodhya is misleading and false, underscoring the importance of scrutinizing such claims for accuracy and reliability in the age of widespread digital dissemination.

Examining Claims of Jatayu’s Arrival by Verified User Richa Awasthi

Renowned X user Richa Awasthi, with a substantial following of over 79 thousand individuals, recently took to Twitter to assert a captivating claim: “Jatayu’s mob reached Ayodhya; Where did the extinct vultures come to Ayodhya? Miracle or coincidence 🔥🔥🚩.” 

Verified X User Shubham Hindu’s Claim: Jatayu’s Arrival in Ayodhya 🙏🚩

In a tweet that has garnered attention across social media, verified X user Shubham Hindu, with a substantial following of over 10 thousand individuals, recently made a noteworthy claim: “Jatayu has started reaching Ayodhya 🙏🚩.” Shubham’s bio further reveals his role as the founder and national president of the organization Hindu Ekta Group.

Unveiling the Truth: Investigating the Viral Video Claim of Jatayu’s Arrival in Ayodhya

As part of our comprehensive investigation into the viral claim of Jatayu’s arrival in Ayodhya, we examined a video posted on the YouTube channel “Eternal Love.” Uploaded on 21 December 2021, the video lacks information about its specific location in the description. Further exploration revealed similar videos on other YouTube channels, all of which were uploaded approximately two years ago.

Screenshot of video uploaded to Eternal Love YouTube channel.

Upon closer scrutiny, it becomes evident that the viral video displays snow-capped mountains. However, Ayodhya, known for its cultural and historical significance, neither possesses mountains nor experiences snowfall. This critical observation contradicts the claim propagated in the video, asserting that it originates from Ayodhya and depicts vultures congregating due to the construction of the Ram Temple.

Scrutinizing Claims: Aditya Pandit’s Assertion of Jatayu’s Arrival in Ayodhya

In the ongoing discourse surrounding Jatayu’s alleged arrival in Ayodhya, another claim has emerged, this time from verified X user Aditya Pandit, boasting a substantial following of over 12 thousand individuals. In a tweet, Aditya Pandit declared, “A herd of Jatayu reached Ayodhya. Where did the extinct vultures come from, Ayodhya? Any miracle or coincidence.. Jai Shri Ram 🚩🙏.” Notably, Aditya shared a photo of the vulture in question, with the backdrop revealing a gathering of individuals holding the avian creature.

Unraveling the Jatayu Narrative: Discrepancies Found in Claims by The Hindu Sena

In the course of our investigation into the assertions surrounding Jatayu’s presence in Ayodhya, we encountered a tweet from the verified X account of The Hindu Sena, a notable organization. The tweet echoed sentiments similar to those expressed by Aditya Pandit, featuring a video from Times Now Navbharat where, at the 30-second mark, the vulture previously showcased in Aditya’s tweet is visible. The accompanying caption read, “Watch the video of Jatayu, during the construction of Ram temple, I don’t know where this Jatayu came from.”

However, a crucial revelation emerged during our inquiry. The video, ostensibly endorsing the current occurrence in Ayodhya, was traced back to Times Now Navbharat’s X account. A tweet from January 9, 2023, clarified that the incident involving ‘Jatayu’ actually transpired in Kanpur. The tweet outlined the swift response of a gathered crowd, the intervention of the forest department team, and the eventual seizure of the vulture.

Clarifying the Jatayu Controversy: Vulture Sightings in Kanpur, Not Ayodhya

In an effort to ascertain the accuracy of claims surrounding the presence of ‘Jatayu’ in Ayodhya, a comprehensive investigation has yielded crucial insights. Contrary to the assertions propagated on social media, it is evident that the vulture featured in the viral image was not witnessed in Ayodhya but in Kanpur. This clarification is substantiated by a tweet from Times Now Navbharat’s X account on January 9, 2023, outlining the incident’s occurrence in Kanpur and not Ayodhya. Importantly, it was emphasized that the event transpired the previous year in 2023, dispelling any notions of it being a recent phenomenon.

Further bolstering this revelation, a video related to the vulture was discovered on Aajtak’s YouTube channel. Aaj Tak’s report confirmed that the featured bird was a white vulture with a wingspan of 5 feet, firmly establishing the incident’s location as Kanpur.

In light of this concrete evidence, it is unequivocally established that the vulture in question, erroneously referred to as ‘Jatayu’ and claimed to be sighted in Ayodhya, was indeed observed in Kanpur during the preceding year. Consequently, the viral claim asserting the vulture’s presence in Ayodhya is demonstrably false and highlights the imperative need for fact-checking and diligent verification when engaging with information circulating on social media platforms.

Investigating Claims of Jatayu’s Presence in Ayodhya: Dissecting Tweets by Verified X Users

In a series of notable claims circulating on social media, verified X users Himanshu Jain and Manoj Sharma have made assertions regarding the presence of vultures, believed to be Jatayu, in Ayoaydhya. Himanshu Jain, with a substantial following exceeding 44 thousand on X, shared a picture depicting numerous vultures gathered in one location. In the accompanying caption, he stated, “In Ayodhya, devotees are preparing for the prana pratistha of Lord Ram’s idol, during this, Jatayu has been seen.”

Similarly, Manoj Sharma echoed a similar sentiment, tweeting, “Jatayu’s descendants reached Ayodhya before the inauguration of Ram temple! Crowds gather to see vultures of endangered species… What is happening is truly amazing, and one who has seen all this in his lifetime will be considered very lucky.”

Debunking the Jatayu Descendant Claim: Vulture Video Traced to Nawalparasi Jatayu Restaurant in Nepal

In a diligent effort to verify the viral claim surrounding the alleged presence of vultures, purported to be descendants of Jatayu, in Ayodhya, a reverse image search led to the discovery of a video on the YouTube channel Siam Avifauna. The video’s headline explicitly states that it originates from the Nawalparasi Jatayu Restaurant in Nepal, with an upload date of 26 November 2023.

Situated in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park in Pitholi, Nawalparasi district, Nepal, Nawalparasi Jatayu Restaurant has been operating since 2006, focusing on the conservation of endangered vulture species. The video showcases the vultures in a habitat dedicated to their preservation, and the location is unmistakably identified as Nepal, not Ayodhya.

This definitive evidence dispels any validity in the claim that the vultures seen in the video are descendants of Jatayu appearing in Ayodhya. The assertion is unequivocally proven to be false and misleading. This underscores the critical importance of fact-checking and due diligence to ensure accurate information dissemination, particularly when dealing with claims tied to cultural and religious significance.

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