PM Modi’s Gujarat Visit: Inauguration of Signature Bridge and Rajkot AIIMS IPD

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is once again visiting Gujarat. Towards the end of February, he is scheduled to attend the inauguration of two significant projects in Gujarat. On February 24th, he will inaugurate the Dwarka Signature Bridge, followed by the inauguration of IPD services at Rajkot AIIMS on February 25th. Preparations for these events are underway through a systematic mechanism. Alongside, preparations for election rallies are also initiated by the BJP, with the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 approaching.

It’s noteworthy that after the inauguration of Rajkot International Airport, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Rajkot for the first time.

Prior to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Central Government is actively pushing for major projects in Gujarat and Saurashtra. Towards the end of February, the Prime Minister is expected to inaugurate his two dream projects. This includes the inauguration of the Dwarka Signature Bridge on February 24th, which has been constructed at a cost exceeding 978 crores, and the commencement of 250-bed IPD services at Rajkot AIIMS on February 25th. Additionally, the inauguration of Atal Sarovar on the new Ring Road in Rajkot and the hospital for people are planned thereafter.

Four operation theaters are also being prepared.

Currently, on the Rajkot-Jamnagar road, near Parapipaliya village, in a vast area of ​​around 200 acres, construction work of AIIMS is progressing rapidly with a budget exceeding 1200 crores. For the past two years, Rajkot AIIMS has been operational with a 50-bed facility for OPD services, and now, after February 25th, Rajkot AIIMS will also start IPD services with a 250-bed multi-specialty facility. Along with that, four operation theaters are also being set up, which will be utilized for surgeries in case of emergencies or other medical needs, ensuring prompt and proper healthcare services.

Spread across 2.93 lakh square meters, Atal Sarovar is being developed.

As part of the Rajkot Smart City project, the construction of Nyari Reservoir and Atal Sarovar is underway. Rajkot city has been included in the list of 100 smart cities in the country. Under this initiative, construction work for Nyari Reservoir and Atal Sarovar is progressing, including the development of a new 150-foot ring road. Once the construction is completed, it will also be inaugurated. The Nyari Reservoir will include attractive facilities such as a children’s play area, traffic garden, senior citizen garden, open gym, gazebos, 42-gram huts, flower beds, botanical garden, solar clock, super tree, entrance plaza, viewing deck, labyrinth garden, CI-based grill compound wall, trellises, tennis court canopy, amphitheater, party plots, and more. Entertainment facilities at Atal Sarovar will include a Ferris wheel, toy train, floating jetty, boating, fountain-based light and sound show, and a flag mast of 70 and 40 meters in height, respectively.

Furthermore, from the ferry wheel, one can get a panoramic view of the entire Rajkot city.

The basic facilities of Nyari Reservoir include 7 toilet blocks, security cabin, SS dustbin, 1 open food court, 1 closed food court, cycle track, jogging track, upper and lower promenade, general path, parking structure, framed entry-exit gates, compound wall, inlet structure, outlet structure, and more. Additionally, for the first time in Rajkot, a giant ferry wheel is being set up at Nyari Reservoir. It will allow any visitor to get a bird’s eye view of Rajkot city. Moreover, to cater to children, a modern baby train track will be installed throughout the reservoir. This arrangement will enable children to enjoy the entire reservoir while riding the train. This provision will offer the residents of the city a unique experience of entertainment at one place after a long time.

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