Mauris Noronha: Shiv Sena Leader’s Shooter Arrested

Abhishek Ghoshal, a former councilor and leader of a group, was assassinated by gunfire. The incident occurred while Ghoshal was engaged in a Facebook Live chat on Thursday. During the conversation, assailants opened fire, injuring Ghoshal with three bullets. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Investigation and Arrest in Mumbai

The Mumbai police have identified Mauris Noronha as the prime suspect responsible for orchestrating the assassination. Following the incident, Noronha allegedly committed suicide. Preliminary investigations suggest mutual rivalry as the motive behind the gunfire. Currently, senior police officials are actively investigating the case. Abhishek Ghoshal was the son of Vinod Ghoshal, a former councilor.

Involvement of Mehul Parekh

In connection with the assassination case, the Mumbai police have apprehended Mehul Parekh, known as Mauris Noronha’s P.A. Parekh was present at Noronha’s office during the Facebook Live session. It was during this session that Parekh abruptly left the office. Shortly afterward, Noronha shot Ghoshal and then turned the gun on himself. The police are probing Parekh’s role in the incident.

Understanding Mauris Noronha’s Background

Mauris Noronha resided in the Borivali-West IC Colony of Mumbai. He was actively involved in social work and had a significant presence in the political arena. He frequently shared images with prominent politicians on his social media platforms. Noronha and Abhishek Ghoshal’s offices were located nearby. According to locals, there had been prolonged political rivalry between the two factions.

Political Rivalry and Tragic Consequences

Mauris Noronha and Abhishek Ghoshal were both vying for the top spot in local politics. This competition led to growing animosity between them. Allegations of misconduct and blackmail were leveled against Noronha by a woman approximately two years ago. Subsequently, Noronha was arrested for offenses including molestation, blackmail, extortion, and issuing threats.

Criticism Against the Government

Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackeray has criticized the Maharashtra government, labeling the state as lawless. Thackeray’s social media post highlighted the failure of law enforcement in Maharashtra. Sanjay Raut, another Shiv Sena MP, echoed similar sentiments, stating that Chief Minister Shinde’s tenure as Home Minister has been entirely ineffective, suggesting his resignation.

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