Rajkot Civil Doctor Suspended 7 Days for Blood Transfusion Error, Report Sent to Gandhinagar HQ

On January 19th, at the Civil Hospital in Rajkot, a 62-year-old patient, initially tested positive for ‘O’ blood type, was administered ‘B’ positive blood instead, sparking uproar among family members and drawing criticism from doctors during treatment. Following this incident, a probe committee was formed by the Civil Superintendent, and its report led to the immediate suspension of Dr. Chirag Vaghela for seven days.

Motorcycle Mishap Leads to Hospital Admission

On January 19th, Dineshbhai Ramanikbhai Gandhi (age 62) suffered a motorcycle accident, sustaining injuries, and was admitted to the Civil Hospital. While undergoing treatment at the hospital’s trauma center, Dr. Vaghela conducted an operation, after which the patient required ‘O’ positive blood. Family members provided two bottles of blood, and upon realizing an error, promptly rectified it by providing the correct blood type. However, due to a mix-up during surgery, Dineshbhai was inadvertently administered ‘B’ positive blood, leading to complications requiring immediate ventilator support.

Committee Report Highlights Doctor’s Error

In the wake of this incident, family members lodged complaints of medical negligence against the doctor, prompting an inquiry by Dr. R.S. Trivedi, the Civil Superintendent. The committee, formed to investigate the matter, submitted its report today, recommending disciplinary action against the doctor. Consequently, Dr. Vaghela’s salary has been suspended for seven days. Subsequent disciplinary measures will be taken against the doctor following the completion of the investigation, which will also be reported to the Gandhinagar district office for further action. Additionally, stringent protocols will be implemented, mandating the presence of all residents, nursing staff, and medical personnel during blood transfusions to prevent any future errors. Training programs focusing on blood transfusion procedures will be conducted within the next 15 days for nursing staff, ensuring proper verification procedures before blood transfusions to avoid any errors.

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