Overcharging Scam Unveiled at On-Street Parking Agency: Workers Displaying Fake AMC ID Cards

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has initiated contracts for parking across various areas of the city, but contractors are overcharging by setting higher parking fees than the prescribed rates. Even parking zones within 100 meters of the Navrangpura Fire Station have been brought under AMC’s purview, with the fire zone being converted into a parking zone. Furthermore, it has come to light that individuals appointed by the contracting agency are charging more than the fixed rates and are also affixing the municipal corporation’s name and logo on their identity cards.

The issue was raised with the Western Zone’s Deputy Estate Officer, Mahesh Taviya, who informed Divya Bhaskar during an interview that the parking zone extending from Darpan Charrasta to the University Dadasaheb’s footsteps, where the contractor has been given a contract, is being used with the municipal corporation’s logos and is overcharging beyond the prescribed rates. Complaints regarding such matters have been lodged with the local police station, and written notices have been issued to investigate further.

The University campus parking contract, as investigated by Divya Bhaskar, revealed instances where individuals wearing AMC logo-bearing ID cards at two locations on the road from Darpan Circle to University were found to be overcharging for parking. This contract for the University area has been awarded to Shri Arohi Enterprise.

Instead of the usual charge of Rs. 5 for bike parking, Rs. 10 were being levied.

In one incident near a complex close to the Rajranjani area, a person was found demanding money for parking when he had charged Rs. 10. Upon inquiry, it was discovered that there was no mention of Rs. 10 anywhere. The usual charge for the first two hours is just Rs. 5, but the individual had taken Rs. 10.

The increased charge imposed by the individual wearing the AMC logo-bearing ID card was questioned as to why they were charging more for parking. In response, the representative of the contractor’s company explained that people park for the entire day, hence the charge of Rs. 10, but when checked later, the charge was not justified, yet they insist on collecting the initial Rs. 10.

The overcharging in parking fees is being enforced.

The individuals deployed by contractor Shri Arohi Enterprise are the ones responsible for overcharging. They demand extra money when anyone parks a vehicle for just two minutes to pick up something. They tear up the receipt and demand money when approached later.

Parking within a 100-meter radius around the fire station has been designated as a fire zone, and no parking is allowed there. The area around the fire station has been marked with boards indicating this restriction. Even within a 100-meter radius of the fire station, vehicles are not allowed to park. However, parking permits have been issued for parking on the road on both sides, but even though there is a fire zone, vehicles are still being parked there.

The contractor agency provided an ID card issued by the AMC (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) instead of the company’s card. Individuals from the contractor agency have been found overcharging. The agency has issued them ID cards with the logos of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The cards cannot be made with the logos of the corporation. The company provides its own card to the contractor, but they have used the logos of the municipal corporation.

The contractor agency has also been given the contract for the multi-level parking in Navrangpura. The same contractor agency has been given the contract for parking in the multi-level parking in Navrangpura. There has been controversy surrounding the multi-level parking in the past. Police have found foreign liquor in cars parked in this parking area. The controversies surrounding this contractor agency persist.

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