India halts free movement to curb infiltration From Myanmar, announces border fence

Central Home Minister Amit Shah announced on Thursday that the Ministry has decided to terminate the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between India and Myanmar. This decision comes as a result of people residing near the borders of both countries facing restricted movement.

Background and Implications of FMR

India shares a 1600-kilometer border with Myanmar. An agreement regarding the free movement of people between the two countries was reached in 1970, termed as the Free Movement Regime (FMR). The regime underwent revisions in 2016, allowing people from both countries to meet without requiring any documentation.

Arrival of Myanmar Soldiers in Mizoram

Amidst ongoing conflict between rebel groups and the military in Myanmar, 600 soldiers crossed over to India from Myanmar. The Mizoram government has requested assistance from the central government, seeking the return of these soldiers to Myanmar.

Sheltering of Myanmar Refugees in Mizoram

According to media reports, the soldiers who fled from Myanmar have taken refuge in the Tuisantalang district of Mizoram, sheltered near the India Rifles base. The soldiers claim that after the Arakan Army (AA), a terrorist group from western Myanmar, seized their camps, they fled to India.

Strength of the Arakan Army in Myanmar

In a recent development, the Arakan Army has emerged as the most powerful insurgent group in Myanmar. The border between Mizoram and Myanmar spans 510 kilometers in the Chin region.

Cross-Border Movement Simplified

The Secretary of the Young Mizo Association states that crossing the border between India and Myanmar is straightforward. Travel up to 25 kilometers from either side of the border is permitted without any formalities, facilitating easy movement for people from Myanmar to India.

Cultural Ties between Myanmar and Mizoram

Professor David Lalrinchana from the Government Johnson College in Aizawl emphasizes the strong cultural ties between the people of Myanmar and Mizoram, rooted in shared ancestry. This mutual understanding extends to support for displaced people from the Chin region in Mizoram.

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