Veraval Drugs Case: Oman Facilitated Delivery, Ishaq’s Leads from South Africa Spark Major Developments

A rigorous investigation has been initiated by agencies including ATS, NDPS, SOG, LCB into the Veraval drugs case, which involves a staggering 350 crore worth of narcotics smuggled from the Veraval port. Startling revelations have emerged from the probe, implicating individuals in the delivery of drugs orchestrated under the guise of an Oman-based entity named Murtaza. Ishaq, a resident of Jamnagar, has been identified as a key informant stationed in South Africa, providing critical information. 

It is noteworthy that Ishaq is also wanted in connection with drug-related cases in Morbi. Currently, all three accused, including Tondel and two others involved in the delivery, are seeking a 14-day remand and are set to appear before the Veraval court for proceedings.

Ishaq Provides Location from South Africa

Security agencies have intensified their interrogation of Botana Tandel and Dharmendra Kashyap, unraveling several revelations. It has been disclosed that the delivery of drugs was orchestrated by an entity named Murtaza, aboard a fishing boat under the guise of Oman. 

Furthermore, crucial information regarding the delivery of these drugs to Veraval has surfaced, with insights pointing to Ishaq, a resident of Jamnagar, using the alias “Issam.” It has been openly revealed that Ishaq is wanted in drug-related cases in Morbi and has been providing location-based information while stationed in South Africa.

International Connections Uncovered in Drugs Case

International Connections Uncovered in Drugs Case

During the forensic examination conducted by the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory), traces of morphine, heroin, and cocaine have been detected in the drug samples. Furthermore, it has been revealed through technical surveillance of satellite phones found in possession of apprehended Tandel that the threads of this drugs case extend beyond borders, connecting internationally.

50 Kilograms of Heroin Seized: District Police Chief Manoharsinh Jadeja

District Police Chief Manoharsinh Jadeja revealed that yesterday, information was received regarding the suspicious presence of a narcotic substance aboard a fishing boat, which was anchored at the Veraval port. Upon receiving this information, immediate action was taken by forming separate teams to investigate. 

Initially, upon intercepting the first fishing boat, 25 kilograms of heroin were seized, leading to the apprehension and interrogation of two suspects. Subsequently, upon further inspection of another fishing boat, an additional 25 kilograms of heroin were discovered, totaling to a staggering 50 kilograms. The value of the seized heroin is estimated to be over 300 crores.

District Police Chief Manohar Singh Jadeja.

9 Suspects Apprehended: Satellite Phone Recovered from Fishing Boat

A satellite phone has been recovered from the fishing boat containing detailed foreign call records. It has been found that the main accused, Dharmendra Kashyap, had been in contact with an individual beyond the IMBL (Indian Maritime Border Line) for over a year. A total of 9 suspects have been apprehended. With the assistance of technical surveillance, further investigation will progress based on the GPS data retrieved from the boat.

The suspects will be brought before the Veraval court with a request for a 14-day remand. According to District Police Chief Manoharsinh Jadeja, preliminary investigation into the recovered satellite phone has revealed international calls and interactions. Currently, all three accused individuals involved in the operation of the boat, including Isam, are set to appear in the Veraval court with a plea for a 14-day remand.

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