Three Police Inspectors Suspended Over 16-Second Video Incident

In Kheda district, a video of violence has gone viral on social media, featuring the towns of Nadiad, Nadiad West, and Vadatal police stations, along with several people involved in a brawl. Concerned authorities of the disciplined police department have taken the video seriously and ordered an investigation by the Superintendent of Police (SP). Additionally, three police inspectors involved have been immediately suspended pending further inquiry.

The viral video, which lasts for 16 seconds, depicts a room where three private individuals are seen engaged in a fight with two to three others. While some individuals attempt to intervene and stop the altercation, others are seen instigating the violence.

The police have posted the viral video on social media platforms, which depicts a brawl among several individuals in a room in Nadiad district. The Kheda police have shared this video on social media, stating that it shows an incident of violence among individuals within the district. The video captures a confrontation among several people, with three police inspectors identified among them. The disciplined police department has taken immediate action and suspended the aforementioned three police inspectors pending further investigation. The identities of these inspectors include the Police Inspector of Nadiad Town, Nadiad West, and Vadatal. The immediate suspension of these inspectors has been implemented due to their involvement in the incident captured in the viral video. The Deputy Police Superintendent of the Nadiad Division has been assigned the primary investigation responsibilities based on the viral video. Further actions against those found responsible for disciplinary violations will be taken after the completion of the initial investigation.

According to the available information, on February 14th, the Kheda district police transferred Harpalsinh Chauhan, the Police Inspector of Nadiad Town, and Vaibhav Parmar, the Police Inspector of Nadiad West, to reserve duty. At that time, the sudden transfer of both officers to reserve duty raised significant discussions, but now the root cause behind these transfers has come to light. It has been revealed that the action to transfer both police inspectors to reserve duty came after a viral video featuring R.K. Parmar, the Police Inspector of Vadatal Police Station, emerged. Following this development, the Deputy Superintendent of Police has been assigned the task of investigating the matter. The Kheda district police have assigned three police officers, including Deputy Police Superintendent Vimal Bajpai, to conduct a thorough investigation into the entire matter and take disciplinary actions against the individuals involved. The investigation has been ordered to be conducted promptly, and necessary legal actions will be taken after the completion of the inquiry.

The statement from the district police suggests that all three Police Inspectors have been suspended for breaking discipline after being transferred to reserve duty. When asked about the reasons behind this action, Rajesh Gadhiya, the Superintendent of Police, stated that the suspensions are related to the viral video incident, and an investigation is currently underway.

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