Vadodara’s Court Crackdown: 5,000+ Neglecting E-memos Face Action

Vehicle owners violating traffic rules are being sent notices via SMS. On September 9, a Lok Adalat will address cases of non-payment of fines, offering options for settlement and waiving off penalties.

The District Legal Services Authority and Vadodara District Court have organized a Lok Adalat on September 9 to settle fines for e-memo violations of traffic rules. Notices via SMS are being sent to vehicle owners with pending e-memo payments. Pre-litigation Lok Adalat informs individuals about payment options and the consequences of non-compliance, including where to pay the fine or have it waived off.

It has been revealed by court sources that notices of this kind are being issued to more than 5,000 individuals. Those who have been neglecting fines for an extended period will face legal action. Notably, during the pandemic, various amounts of e-memo fines ranging from INR 100 onwards were issued for traffic rule violations such as not wearing helmets, seat belts, and using mobile phones while driving. It’s worth mentioning that earlier, Vadodara police had also indicated issuing e-memo fines, which did not yield significant results during that time.

Notice for the Cancellation of Memos Issued During the Coronavirus Period

Yogesh Patel, a member of the legislative assembly, had approached the government to cancel the memos issued to people during the coronavirus pandemic. He expressed concern that despite the cancellation, citizens might still face repercussions. The court has issued notices, stating that even the memos issued during the pandemic will be considered.

Notices through SMS: Not from the Police, but the Court Additional Police Commissioner Manoj Ninama clarified that people are receiving such SMSes and while police are involved, these messages are being sent by the court. It’s worth noting that these SMS notifications are not solely from the police but are being facilitated by the court.

The Notice Specifies that Even Through QR Codes, Fines Can Be Paid

A National Lok Adalat organized by the District Legal Services Authority, Vadodara, is scheduled for September 9th. As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Ahmedabad Traffic Police issues e-challans for traffic rule violations, which can be accessed through Vadodara’s challan link by entering your vehicle number.

The fines are settled through pre-litigation cases initiated by the traffic police. Traffic violation fines can be paid at the traffic police station or through the traffic police’s website link until September 9th. Subsequently, the Vadodara District Court will also accept payments on September 9th. In addition, fines can be paid using the QR code provided in the notice. If the fine is not paid, a case will be filed.

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