Veraval Port: 350Cr Heroin Seized, 50kg Found on Fishing Boat, 9 Arrested in Major Drug Bust

In a daring midnight operation, authorities seized a stash of heroin worth 350 crores rupees from a fishing boat traveling along the maritime route to Veraval. The interception, based on intelligence gathered during the night, reflects the swift and decisive action of the police. With an international value of 7 crores per kilo, the 50-kilo heroin haul amounts to a staggering total. The collaborative efforts of the ATS, along with the Gir Somnath SOG, LCB, FSL, and Marine Police, have initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter. 

Spearheaded by SP Manoharsinh Jadeja, the Gir Somnath police have launched a mega operation in Veraval to crack down on narcotics trafficking. The operation resulted in the apprehension of nine individuals along with the seizure of the 50-kilo heroin consignment. This significant bust underscores the ongoing battle against drug smuggling in the region and the determination of law enforcement to curb such illegal activities.

9 sailors arrested with 50 kg of heroin

Rapid Interception of Large Drug Consignment in Arabian Sea

Security agencies have swiftly intercepted a substantial consignment of narcotics flowing through the Arabian Sea via maritime routes. Following the findings of the FSL report, it was disclosed that the seized substance was heroin. According to sources, information obtained near the Veraval vicinity from maritime security agencies led to the sudden apprehension of a large heroin consignment aboard a fishing boat near the Veraval port.

50 kg of heroin was coming in Veraval's fishing boat.

A joint interrogation of the nine apprehended suspects, conducted by agencies including the SOG and LCB, is currently underway.

Based on primary sources, information suggests that certain reservoirs in Rajkot have been identified as potential delivery points for these illicit substances. Security agencies have been alerted about the possibility of these substances reaching the Veraval port for delivery purposes. Consequently, security agencies have expanded their investigations in this direction, intensifying scrutiny even at the Veraval port.

The investigation by the police began

Security Agencies’ Success and Further Investigations

Presently, security agencies have achieved significant success in intercepting the trafficking of illicit substances. However, there arises a critical inquiry into the complicity of local fishermen or individuals with criminal records in the transportation of these narcotics. Who facilitated the transportation of these narcotics, and who were the intermediaries involved in this process are subjects under intense scrutiny. Investigations are underway to determine the individuals responsible for procurement and transportation in this regard.

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