Waterbombing Incident: Tank Wall Collapse Floods Ahmedabad’s Jodhpur, Thousands of Liters Seep into Flat Basement, Residents Vigilant All Night

In the village of Jodhpur, a wall of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-operated Voter Distribution Pumping Station collapsed, leading to the flooding of lakhs of liters of water in the surroundings. The overflow not only caused damage to Vrajbhumi Apartment but also posed a serious threat to the local residents. Belongings and items in Vrajbhumi Apartment were submerged, resulting in significant losses. Local BJP corporator Ashish Patel, along with the fire brigade, reached the scene to assess the situation immediately. Efforts were made to pump out the water and secure the area.

Vrajbhumi Apartment: 20 Years of Neglect

Jodhpur’s BJP corporator Ashish Patel, in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, revealed that Vrajbhumi Apartment is 20 years old. Requests had been made in the past to address issues, particularly the overflowing tank of the RZCC wall. The consistent overflow of the tank had been reported several times. However, action was not taken, leading to the recent catastrophic incident. The incident occurred when the Varun pump was used to pump water out, causing an underground leak that exacerbated the situation. This negligence has prompted a thorough investigation and swift action by the authorities.

Lakhs of Liters of Water Flood Bhoyaram in Jodhpur

According to recent information, this morning, the wall of the Voter Distribution Station operated by the Municipal Corporation in Jodhpur collapsed, causing lakhs of liters of water to flood Bhoyaram in the vicinity of Vrajbhumi Apartment. As a result, lakhs of liters of water were filled in the Bhoyaram of Vrajbhumi Apartment located nearby. Local residents immediately rushed to the scene upon learning of the incident. With the water tank overflowing, they had to act quickly. The water flooded into the flat, and the fire brigade team was informed and promptly arrived at the incident site.

Water Directly Fills Flats as Wall Breaks

Water leakage occurred from the Voter Distribution Center, and water directly filled the flats as the wall collapsed. The overflow of the water tank and the water directly filling the flats led to a significant amount of water seeping underground. This incident is considered a serious mishap, and a thorough investigation will be conducted to ensure proper action is taken.

Water Leakage in Jodhpur – Society’s Wall Breaks, Water Overflows

In the constructed well of water, garbage accumulates, and plants also grow in the society’s wall due to water leakage. Water overflows from the Voter Distribution Center and flows towards the flat. As a result, water is filled, and it becomes contaminated. Despite repeated requests from local residents to investigate the situation, no action has been taken by the local authorities. Consequently, the tank overflowed, leading to the release of lakhs of liters of water, and the flat’s Bhoyaram was flooded.

Demand to Take Action Against Contractor

The Municipal Corporation has assigned a contract for the operation and maintenance of the water tank at the Voter Distribution Center. For this, 24 people need to be present there. A contract worth crores has been given for the operation of the Voter Distribution Center. When there were people present at Jodhpur Voter Distribution Center during the night, the demand to take action against the contractor arose. The person responsible for managing the water tank should be present, knowing how much water has been filled and how much is left, and the entire matter needs to be thoroughly examined. When this incident occurred during the night, someone was present at the Jodhpur Voter Distribution Center to investigate why it is necessary. The contractor is being demanded to take action against him in front of the society.

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