AI-Enhanced Monitoring for Heritage City: Property Tax to Gardening, Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for a 125m City Square at Sindhubhavan

Ahmedabad’s economic powerhouse and heritage city will now be monitored with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Yes, AI will now be an integral part of Ahmedabad’s development. Today, the draft budget for 2024-25 of the AMC was presented before the Standing Committee by Municipal Commissioner M. Thennarasan. A significant emphasis has been placed on five aspects in the budget of Rs. 10,801 crores, including Developed Ahmedabad 2047, Net Zero and Carbon Neutral, Resilient and Sustainable, Zero Waste and Circular Economy, and Livable and Happy City. Along with this, an AI cell will be established, and artificial intelligence will be used in property tax, parking, and even gardening duties.

Establishment of AI Cell

The AMC will now establish an AI cell, which will monitor the entire city through various AI cameras like CCTV drones, mobile phones, and dash cameras. AI will also be used in modules such as ERP-based HRMS, property tax, etc. The city’s infrastructure will be strengthened through the use of AI, and modernity will be accompanied by simplification of work.

Smart Parking with ICT and AI

The problem of traffic and parking is widespread in Ahmedabad. Through AI, an integrated solution will be implemented for traffic, parking, and vending regulations. A parking cell will be established for the enforcement of parking bylaws, which will include shared parking and parking permits. Smart parking will be developed with the help of ICT and AI to monitor on-street, off-street, and multi-level parking spaces.

Development of 40 Smart Parking Spaces

Forty smart parking spaces will be developed in the city, each linked with a smart application for automated parking monitoring. Digital payment with maps will be available for parking spaces. Each zone will have parking developed at five strategic locations, with an investment of five crore rupees.

AI-Based Guidance for Gardening in Neighborhoods

AI will also be utilized to enhance green cover in the city. Necessary technical guidance for terrace gardens, kitchen gardens, and gardening work will be provided digitally. Virtual classes will be organized for kitchen garden setup. For accurate guidance on neighborhood gardening, an AI-based “CALL ON GARDEN HELP APPLICATION” will be developed.

City Square on Sindhubhavan Road

The budget includes plans to develop a city square, Sindhubhavan Road, known for its posh area, will host a city square with a 125-meter high core tower. It will feature a food court, amphitheater, fountain, central court, plantation, and sky lights. The Municipal Commissioner has allocated 125 crore rupees for the development of the city square.

Development on Riverfront Phase-3

In addition to the riverfront development, Phase-3 plans have been included in the draft budget for 2024-25. Development will occur on both the east and west sides of the Sabarmati River, with the creation of a Meditation-cum-Yoga Center in the bio-diversity park on the western side. The area behind Tagore Hall will be developed into a cultural, convention, and business center. Vehicle parking plots will be developed between the Stretch and Gujarati Market. Green walls will also be constructed on the lower promenade on both the eastern and western sides.

Establishment of 50 New Electric Charging Points

Fifty new charging points will be established for electric vehicles, along with the addition of 100 new electric buses in the BRTS, and the construction of 5 iconic roads. The development of the Vasant Chowk and Kot cluster will also take place.

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