Vyas Family Granted Worship Permission in Gnanavapi Basement After 31-Year

The Vyas family in Bhoynar has been granted the right to perform pooja by the Varanasi court on Wednesday. The court stated that the Vyas family can perform pooja within 7 days. The appointment of the priest will be made under the direction of the DM.

Took Control of Basement by District Administration:

Previously, an order was issued to open the Vyas basement. Then on January 17th, Basement was seized by the district administration. The DM had kept the key to basement with himself.

ASI Report Reveals Hindu Temple Complex:

ASI’s report, announced on January 25th, revealed that within the complex, idols of Lord Vishnu, Ganesha, and Shiva Lingas have been found. 34 inscriptions have been found, indicating the structure of the entire temple complex. A stone slab named ‘Mahamukti Mandap’ has also been found inside the mosque complex.

Signatures in Four Languages, Including Three Names of Shiva:

Signatures in four languages were found on the walls and stones of Gnanavapi. These include Devanagari, Kannada, Telugu, and Grantha scripts. In addition to this, three names of Lord Shiva were also found: Janardan, Rudra, and Omeshwar. All the pillars were originally part of the first temple, which was later renovated and reused.

Animal Figures and Religious Motifs:

The current structure of the complex has distorted animal figures below the beautiful cornices. The interior of the dome has been adorned with geometric designs. The main entrance to the temple’s central section was from the west side. These doors were adorned with animal and bird motifs and beautifully decorated.

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