BJP Workers Make Sarpanch Out From Inauguration Function During C R Patil’s Vadodara Speech

The inauguration of the Vadodara district BJP office took place today by C.R. Patil, the Gujarat BJP State President. During his speech, Patil criticized the Sarpanch of Khatamba village, Kamleshbhai, who had disrupted the event. Kamleshbhai had been demanding the establishment of a government school in Khatamba village. Despite the construction of the BJP office, Patil assured the villagers that a government school would also be built. The altercation escalated to the point where Patil lost his temper, and BJP workers escorted the Sarpanch out of the event venue. The entire conversation was recorded in a video.

What’s in the video?

In the video, the Sarpanch expresses dissatisfaction, stating that Patil Sahib, in our village, hasn’t done anything about the school issue. In response, Patil clarifies that no delay has occurred, and the school will be built soon. The Sarpanch then claims that there is no school in Khatamba, to which Patil responds, “Once said, I will do it…” Later, BJP workers escorted the Sarpanch out of the event venue.

Inauguration of ‘Vande Kamalam’ near Kapurai Circle

The inauguration of ‘Vande Kamalam’ near Kapurai Circle, a project initiated by C.R. Patil, the Gujarat BJP State President, was held at the Vadodara district BJP office. The inauguration also included the launch of the Gujarat State Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Limited. District Chief Satishbhai Patel attended the entire event.

BJP Headquarters to be Established in the Country

After the inauguration of the office, State President C.R. Patil announced that construction of Kamalam (Lotus) would be initiated by Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Gujarat is leading in the establishment of BJP headquarters across the country. Establishing offices is crucial for engaging workers. The biggest responsibility for the office lies with Parakramsinh Jadeja and former Chief Ashwin Patel.

District BJP Chief Satish Patel Faces Criticism

District BJP Chief Satish Patel faced criticism from C.R. Patil, who accused Patel of being inactive. Patil stated that Patel hasn’t even broken a pot, let alone doing any work. Patel will now be responsible for expediting the remaining work. Patil has personally taken charge of the office’s color scheme.

Prime Minister Modi Provides Security to the Country’s Sisters

It was further stated that Prime Minister Modi has provided security to the country’s sisters. Sisters have been given 50% representation in Panchayats and Municipalities. In the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha, they have been given 33% representation. In addition to the military, space, and railways, sisters have been included in every sector. Various schemes have been devised for the youth and farmers, including direct financial aid to their bank accounts.

Every Meeting is to Win Over 5 Lakh Votes

Patil announced that Prime Minister Modi has launched numerous schemes for farmers. Every year, Rs 6000 is deposited in the accounts of farmers. Efforts have been made for the welfare of farmers, ensuring that their crops are not sold below the minimum support price. Efforts have been made to bring 25 crore people out of poverty. It is urged to consider the deposit of the opposing candidate in the 2024 elections as hard work. Every meeting aims to win over 5 lakh votes.

Facilities Offered

The Vadodara district BJP office, ‘Vande Kamalam,’ features ground floor offices for the Chief and Minister, along with two additional offices. The first floor includes a conference room with a capacity of 32, a media room for 50, and a VIP room. The second floor houses a conference hall with a capacity of 300, along with an e-library, VIP room, and IT social media room.

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