Shocking Hit and Run Incident in Surat Parking Caught on CCTV: Businessman Strikes Child under Mercedes

A shocking incident of hit and run occurred in the sprawling area of Pal in Surat. A 51-year-old businessman from the city parked his Mercedes car under which an eight-year-old girl was collecting garbage. The driver couldn’t hear the girl’s cries and kept honking the horn even after hitting her with the car. CCTV footage of this incident has also surfaced. The businessman claimed innocence stating that he couldn’t see the girl in the camera. It was indicated that the car was lifted from the garbage, but the child wasn’t visible in the footage.

Child Disturbed due to Driver’s Negligence

In the basement parking of Royal Titanium in the city, an eight-year-old girl was seriously injured due to the driver’s negligence. According to available information, a 51-year-old businessman, Girish Manji Maniya, was taking his Mercedes car out of the basement. In the same parking lot, Kajal Ode’s eight-year-old daughter, who lived in the apartment, was playing alone. While reversing the car out of the parking, the businessman accidentally hit the child and drove away.

Businessman’s Attempt to Avoid Responsibility

Girish Maniya stated, “When I was leaving the basement, this incident happened. I was reversing my car, and at that time, my attention was towards the camera. After reversing the car, when I was moving forward to exit the basement, the girl was there, and I wasn’t aware of her presence. We can’t imagine a child being in such a place.” Kajal was working, and her daughter was playing alone. When I was reversing, I was focused on my rearview, and at that time, I didn’t see this girl. Because she wasn’t visible in the camera, but she was ahead. The car was slightly elevated during reversing, but I thought it might be something else. Therefore, the child’s voice didn’t reach me. When I moved forward, I received a call from our apartment that this incident had happened, and I immediately returned. The girl is currently in the hospital, and I have accepted my mistake and have provided financial assistance for her treatment.”

Child’s Relative Goes to Work

The girl’s uncle, Mehul Ode, stated, “My sister-in-law was going to work, and she took the girl along with her. She has a son and a daughter. The son goes to school, and the daughter used to accompany my sister-in-law to work. When my sister-in-law was working in the basement, the driver reversed the car from above her. Girishbhai and we met about this, and he accepted his mistake and provided all kinds of help.”

Presence of Camera in Businessman’s Car, Yet Negligence

In this accident, the rear portion of the child’s head fractured, while her chest and face also suffered serious injuries. Several suspicions arise in this incident. For example, if there is a camera in ordinary cars, why wasn’t there one in this businessman’s car? Why didn’t the driver see the child while reversing the car? Did the businessman deliberately drive the car recklessly? The police have started investigating this incident by registering a complaint.

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