National Insurance Company issues 90.90 Lakh Check in Rural Court Case

Today, the National Lok Adalat was organized in accordance with the guidelines of the National Legal Service Authority and the State Legal Service Authority. Settlements of cases eligible for legal resolution are being facilitated. Even in the rural courts of Ahmedabad, settlements of eligible cases are underway. A settlement of 90.90 lakh rupees has been reached in one case in the Ahmedabad rural court.

Presence of High Court Judges in Ahmedabad Rural Court

Justice A.S. Supehia of the High Court was present in the Ahmedabad rural court. Significant amounts were disbursed to claimants in various cases. In attendance were Principal Judge D.M. Vyas of the Ahmedabad rural court, Chairman of the Bar Council J.J. Patel, representatives from various companies, lawyers, and others.

Fatal Accident Claims One Life

In the Ahmedabad rural court, several insurance and banking companies were present. Before the settlement of 90.90 lakh rupees, one person lost his life in a road accident. Hence, a third-party insurance check was issued in the name of his wife by the National Insurance Company.

Sudden Death of Kheda Resident

In another case, Kheda resident Sanjeev Patel, an insurance adjuster working for Coca-Cola, died in a tractor accident after returning from work. His claim of 1.5 crores was settled, with HDFC Company paying 90 lakhs. Sanjeev Patel’s wife, Poonalben Patel, revealed that their son is studying at Punjab IIT, while their daughter is pursuing nursing.

Fatality in Women’s Char Dham Journey

In a third case, the 32-year-old wife of Nisarg Patel from Ahmedabad returned from a Char Dham pilgrimage and died in a bus accident. Six others suffered serious injuries. The deceased’s husband, in an effort to claim insurance, filed an MACP application through Advocate J.K. Champavat, resulting in a claim of 55 lakhs from United India Insurance Company.

Large Settlements in Other Cases

In addition, significant settlements were made in several major cases, totaling over 3.5 crores, including 50 lakhs for Dhoodhiben Bharvad by Tata AIG, and 65 lakhs for Nikunj Rajnikant Patel, resulting in various large and small case settlements.

Manager of Insurance Company’s Death Leads to Over 1.60 Crores in Claims

Throughout the state, Lok Adalats were held today. In the city’s Civil Sessions Court, Lok Adalat was organized, focusing on resolving pending cases and pre-litigation disputes. The Ahmedabad Civil and Sessions Court handled 100 motor accident cases, resulting in settlements.

Outcome of Civil Cases

In Lok Adalats, settlements will be reached for various civil cases including criminal offenses, negotiable instrument cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act, money recovery, motor accident claim tribunals, cases between laborers and employers, disputes regarding electricity and water bills, matrimonial cases excluding divorces, land disputes, cases of gratuity and retirement benefits, pending review cases in the High Court, and civil cases like rent disputes.

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