Arju Speaks, Riddhi Writes: Defying Paralysis, Preparing for Board Exams

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board commenced the board examinations for Class 10 and 12 from March 11. In Rajkot district alone, 80,510 students are gearing up for the exams. Among them, 70 students with various disabilities will take the exams with the help of writers, serving as a source of inspiration for other students appearing for the board exams.

One such inspiring story is that of Arju Dakora, who, three months before the Class 12 exams, suffered a paralysis attack in her writing hand. Continuous practice for writing became impossible. However, Arju did not lose hope and continued her relentless efforts to fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher and securing high marks in the board exams. 

She applied for a writer for the exams, and Riddhi, a Class 11 student, was selected as her writer. Starting from tomorrow, Arju will take her exams with the help of Riddhi. She believes that facing any kind of difficulty is inevitable, but it’s essential to move forward in life. Arju’s resilience and determination serve as an example for all.

Arju will give the board exam from Lahiya.

Paralysis Triggered by Scooter Fall Resolved as Normal Attack

Arju Dakora, a student studying commerce in Class 12 and residing on Jangleshwar Main Road, shared with Source about experiencing vibrations in her left hand. Four months ago, while riding pillion with her sister, she fell off a scooter. Shortly after, she noticed vibrations in her left hand fingers. The vibrations persisted for a few days and then spread to her hand. Upon consulting doctors and undergoing various medical tests, it was revealed in the reports that her paralysis was a normal attack, despite its initial severity.

Arju’s Determination Shines Through Despite Paralysis Challenges

Arju expressed, “My hand used to constantly vibrate. Before the Class 12 board exams, I was quite nervous about the normal attack of paralysis I had. Since I used to write with my right hand, and it was constantly vibrating, I couldn’t write properly. Then, I bravely focused on my studies. Meanwhile, the board exams drew near. 

As I couldn’t write with my right hand, I applied to the District Education Officer’s office through Shri Vikas Griha School for a writer, which was accepted. Therefore, starting from tomorrow, the Class 12 Commerce exams, commencing from March 11, will have Riddhi Bhageshbhai Bawda as my writer.”

Dreaming of becoming a teacher, Arju did not give up and worked hard for the exam.

Family Resolves to Provide Higher Education Encouraging Daughter’s Courage

When Arju, at the age of 18, faced a paralysis attack, her family was deeply concerned. However, witnessing their daughter’s courage, the family decided firmly to provide her with higher education. Arju expressed that overcoming any kind of difficulty is crucial for progressing in life. She mentioned her dream of becoming a teacher and affirmed her relentless dedication towards achieving it. 

Arju’s father, Altaf Bhai, works as a rickshaw driver to support the family, while her mother, Jaidaben, is a homemaker, and her sister, Mahenur, studies in Grade 5. In the upcoming board exams, Arju’s determination will serve as a source of inspiration for students facing various challenges in their lives.

70 Students in Rajkot to Use Writers for Exams

Nilesh Ranipa, the District Education Officer of Rajkot, mentioned that 70 students in Rajkot appearing for the Class 10 and 12 exams have requested writers. These students, mostly with various disabilities, require assistance as they are unable to write the exams themselves due to their conditions. 

The writers provided to these students belong to lower grades. For instance, a Class 10 student is assigned a writer from Class 9, while a Class 12 student practicing from Class 11 may have a writer from the same grade. It’s noteworthy that the upcoming board exams will be held from 10:00 AM to 1:15 PM for Class 10 students and from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM for Class 12 students.

Distribution of Sweets and Roses for Board Students in Rajkot

OfficialSchools to Visit
Collector Prabhav Joshi, DEO Nilesh RanipaNew Era School
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CP Raju BhargavaTapovan School
SP Jaipal Singh RathoreG. K. Dholakia
Municipal Commissioner Anand PatelBardanwala School

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