Trump Promises Green Cards for Foreign Students Graduating from America Before Elections

Former President Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that foreign students graduating from universities in the United States should automatically receive a green card to live and work in America. Trump stated, “America needs to keep the world’s best minds here. Those who want to stay here and have a good plan that could benefit the country should be allowed to stay.”

Donald Trump’s Bold Promise

During a podcast discussion with several venture capitalists, Donald Trump was asked how America could attract the best minds from around the world. In response, Trump proposed, “If you graduate from a college here, you should automatically get a green card to stay in this country. That includes junior colleges.” 

He added, “I know many stories where people have gone to our top colleges, they graduate, they’re top of their class, they want to stay in our country, they want to do a great job. They could have the greatest business idea, but they’re not allowed to stay here. That ends on day one of my presidency.”

Trump’s promise, if fulfilled, would likely benefit Indians the most, given the large number of Indian students studying in the United States each year.

Trump Takes a Firm Stance on Immigration Issues

Former President Donald Trump has been vocal on issues concerning immigrants. While advocating for granting citizenship to graduates from American universities, Trump has simultaneously maintained a tough stance against illegal immigration. 

He has been outspoken on the issue of illegal immigration and has accused the current Biden administration of failing to effectively curb it. Trump has also suggested ending birthright citizenship rules. Moreover, he has warned that if re-elected as president, he would deport undocumented immigrants on a large scale.

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