CCTV Footage: Surat Moped Snatcher Leaves Couple in Distress; Wife’s Purse Holds Rs. 340, Fracture Surgery Costs Rs. 2 Lakhs

In the bustling streets of Surat’s major Varachha area, Manasukhbhai Gothadiya, along with his wife Vijayaben Ramapura, had set out for a routine morning visit to the Swaminarayan Temple. Upon concluding their darshan at the temple, they were returning home around 6 a.m. As they walked through Lal Darwaja onto the road towards Garnaala, an unusual incident transpired.

While the couple was walking, a sudden occurrence startled them. From behind, another scooter approached, and a snatcher snatched Vijayaben’s purse, causing Manasukhbhai to lose balance on his scooter. Both fell to the ground, and Vijayaben suffered injuries in the fall. Manasukhbhai managed to grab the snatcher briefly before he fled the scene. This one-minute cinematic episode was captured by a CCTV camera.

Following the incident, Manasukhbhai and Vijayaben were rushed to a nearby private hospital for medical attention. Vijayaben underwent surgery for her fracture, incurring medical expenses amounting to around two lakhs, whereas there were only 340 rupees in her purse at the time of the incident.

Mansukhbhai (in blue checks shirt) pulling from Activa

Pursuit of Snatcher Ends in Clothes Tear and Escape

In a sudden turn of events, as the snatcher attempted to flee, his clothes tore, allowing him to escape. It has been captured in the CCTV footage that when the snatcher was trying to snatch the purse, there was an attempt to catch him. However, in the heat of the moment, while trying to apprehend him, both Manasukhbhai and another young man’s efforts led to the tearing of the snatcher’s clothes. Meanwhile, amidst the commotion, the snatcher managed to mount his scooter and successfully evade capture.

As Mansukhbhai tried to run away, he was also hit as he held Mar Mari's shirt.

Vijayaben Suffers Fracture in the Melee

During the incident, as the snatcher attempted to flee, Manasukhbhai grabbed his shirt, but the snatcher managed to break free. Upon fleeing, the thief snatched Vijayaben’s purse, containing Rs. 340, before making his escape. However, fearing apprehension, he quickly disappeared, leaving the scene. The police were alerted based on the provided details, raising concerns of a potential theft. Residing in the Dharmajivan Row House in Mota Varachha, the couple faces this unfortunate ordeal. Vijayaben, with a fracture in her leg, awaits a costly surgery estimated at two lakhs. Mahidharpura Police are actively investigating the case.

Police Action Initiated Following Robbery Attempt with False Number Plates

Mahidharpura Police Inspector J.B. Chaudhari disclosed that based on the complaint filed by the victimized couple, the police initiated an investigation, as a scooter used in the attempted robbery was traced. Using the registration number of the scooter as a lead, the police began their search for the suspect. During the investigation, discrepancies were found in the scooter’s registration number. 

Consequently, the police have registered a case against this aspect as well. Additionally, the police have taken note of this aspect and have launched a thorough investigation. Separate CCTV footage and police teams have been deployed to apprehend the suspect involved in this incident.

Wife Suffers Three Fractures in Attempted Robbery Incident

Wife Suffers Three Fractures in Attempted Robbery Incident

Manasukhbhai reported that he and his wife were returning home from the temple, walking along the road from Lal Darwaja when an individual on a scooter approached them from behind near the Gaabani Hospital. The perpetrator attempted to snatch his wife’s purse from the back of the scooter, leading to a struggle during which his wife’s purse was pulled, causing them to fall. His wife sustained serious injuries during the struggle. Upon examination at the hospital, she was diagnosed with three fractures while managing to escape successfully amidst the chaos.

Woman Arrested for Snatching a Gold Chain Worth Rs. 90,000

Woman Arrested for Snatching a Gold Chain Worth Rs. 90,000

Savita Ben Prakashbhai Gami, aged 66 and a resident of Chaprabhatha C.J. Patel Park Society, filed a complaint at Katargam Police Station. Based on her report, the police took action against Rupa Ashok Solanki (alias Kim) for chain-snatching. On Tuesday morning, Savita Ben went to Sadanav Vagya’s marketplace to purchase a saree. At the time, Rupa Solanki approached her under the pretext of buying jewelry. Suddenly, from behind, she snatched Savita Ben’s gold chain worth Rs. 90,000 and fled. However, the patrolling police team managed to apprehend the woman and recover the stolen chain.

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