Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Traffic: Proposal Acceptance to Ease 76 KM S.P. Ring Road Tension

Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s principal city, boasts the expansive Sardar Patel Ring Road, stretching over 76 kilometers. While traffic congestion is a perennial issue in the city, the situation has notably worsened along the Ring Road in recent times. Daily, during evening hours, extensive traffic jams plague the Ring Road, often persisting for three to four hours, severely disrupting the commutes of urban dwellers to their offices and homes alike. 

Presently, the Ahmedabad city traffic police diligently enforce regulations, but the expansive reach of the Ring Road traverses several suburban and Gandhinagar district areas, rendering comprehensive traffic management elusive. To address this challenge, the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner has proposed extending the jurisdiction of the city police to encompass the entirety of the Ring Road, presenting a solution to mitigate the persistent traffic woes.

Escalating Traffic Congestion on Ahmedabad Ring Road Until Midnight

Ahmedabad’s Ring Road encompasses an 80% jurisdiction under the purview of the city police, while the remaining 20% falls under the jurisdiction of the rural and Gandhinagar police. However, despite efforts, traffic congestion on the Ring Road has intensified, especially during the evening until midnight. Police presence is notable to enforce traffic regulations, yet the long queues of vehicles, due to the sheer volume of motorists, persist. Moreover, with significant stretches of the Ring Road falling under the jurisdiction of Gandhinagar and rural police, the city police face limitations in addressing traffic issues comprehensively.

Proposal for Comprehensive Traffic Management by Ahmedabad City Police

The Commissioner of Ahmedabad Police has announced plans to bolster police forces on the Ring Road to mitigate traffic congestion effectively. Despite efforts, traffic issues persist due to the jurisdictional constraints of rural and Gandhinagar police, exacerbating the situation. Consequently, the 20% jurisdiction under the rural and Gandhinagar police poses challenges for traffic regulation. 

To address this, a proposal was submitted to the Home Department a month ago to expand the city police’s jurisdiction to cover the entirety of the Ring Road. Upon approval, the Ahmedabad City Police will be empowered to enforce traffic regulations comprehensively across the entire Ring Road network, offering a promising solution to alleviate traffic woes.

6 days ago there was a traffic jam from Bhopal to Gandhinagar.

Harnessing AI for Traffic Management at Junctions

In Ahmedabad city, the escalating traffic issues are set to be addressed through the assistance of AI technology, not only by the traffic police but also by leveraging AI capabilities. Currently, the traffic police are conducting intensive studies at various points within the city to understand the traffic patterns better. Soon, with the aid of AI, data regarding the movement of vehicles and the congestion levels at traffic junctions will be systematically collected and analyzed. 

This initiative aims to streamline traffic management and optimize signal operations at junctions, even amid heavy traffic flow, ensuring smoother traffic flow across the city. Presently, efforts are underway to aggregate relevant data, paving the way for comprehensive analysis and subsequent action plans.

Planning Inspired by Bengaluru's Traffic Management Study

Planning Inspired by Bengaluru’s Traffic Management Study

Safin Hasan, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Ahmedabad responsible for sounding the city’s traffic signals, has been dispatched to Bengaluru to understand the traffic management system. Bengaluru’s approach to addressing traffic issues will be studied comprehensively. The study aims to gain insights into how Bengaluru tackles its traffic challenges and to adapt relevant strategies for Ahmedabad’s future traffic management endeavors. Through this initiative, valuable lessons and effective methodologies from Bengaluru’s traffic management system will be leveraged to formulate strategic plans tailored to Ahmedabad’s specific traffic dynamics and needs.

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