Tragic Consequences of PUBG Addiction: The Shocking Story of a CA Student’s Murder in Delhi

A young woman studying to become a Chartered Accountant in Rajkot had brought honor to her family, but a single incident tarnished her reputation. Alongside her studies, she would often engage in playing the PUBG game during breaks. Once, she received a friend request on her mobile from ‘Shedo Dead’, which she accepted without much thought. Little did she realize that this seemingly harmless connection could lead to her downfall, potentially ruining her life. When the matter escalated and reached the Rajkot Cyber Crime Police Station, investigations began, ultimately leading to the arrest of Sachin Yadav from Delhi, who was found guilty of attempting to ruin the young woman’s life.

A girl from a prosperous family living in the posh area of Rajkot, studying to become a Chartered Accountant, was fond of playing PUBG on her mobile during her free time alongside her studies. Once, she received a friend request from ‘Shedo Dead’, which she accepted. Little did she know that the sender of the request was a youth named Sachin Yadav residing in West Delhi’s Mangolpuri Society. They engaged in conversations through PUBG for a few days. Later, Sachin Yadav asked for her Facebook ID, and she reciprocated with the request. Sachin Yadav created a Facebook ID named ‘Roni Roy’. They continued chatting on Facebook Messenger for many days. During this time, the girl had no clue that the person she was conversing with was not who he claimed to be, but rather someone with malicious intent.

After a long conversation, the girl began to trust Sachin. Consequently, Sachin Yadav, gaining her trust, asked for the girl’s mobile number and WhatsApp number, which she provided willingly. They continued to talk on calls daily. Gradually, their chats progressed to video calls. However, Sachin’s demands started increasing gradually. One day, Sachin asked the girl to undress during a video call, which shocked her. At that moment, the girl realized the gravity of the situation and did not comply with Sachin’s demand. Sachin then assured her that he was only testing her, and he had no intention of misusing their chats. This conversation made the girl believe Sachin even more, which turned out to be her biggest mistake. Later on, the girl, feeling somewhat pressured, started engaging in video chats with Sachin while being undressed.

Now the girl felt trapped, realizing that she was caught in a web. On the other hand, Sachin’s perversion kept increasing day by day. He would call the girl not only during the day but also incessantly at night, pressuring her to engage in nude video chats. Even during college or class hours, he would directly call for video chats. If the girl didn’t pick up the call, Sachin would continue to initiate video calls and missed calls persistently.

The girl now realized her mistake. She had finally overcome Sachin Yadav’s twisted mentality and had blocked his mobile number and WhatsApp. Sachin Yadav had messaged the girl on Facebook, threatening to make all the nude video chats viral if she didn’t comply with his wishes. The girl had saved all the videos and screenshots as evidence. After this threat, the girl also blocked Sachin on Facebook and Instagram. Sachin Yadav’s sinister actions had not decreased; he had continued to message from different 11 numbers.

Despite several attempts, Sachin had failed to contact the girl. Resorting to deceit, Sachin had searched for the girl’s uncle’s account in her Facebook friend list and sent her naked screenshots via Facebook Messenger, along with a message asking, “Do you recognize this girl? She is your friend Danish’s girlfriend.” When the uncle received this message, he was shocked. He immediately questioned his niece about the matter. Upon hearing the uncle’s inquiry, the girl burst into tears and revealed everything. Eventually, this matter was reported to the Rajkot Cyber Crime Department.

Based on the complaint, the police conducted an investigation and found evidence of coercion and threats against Sachin Yadav. Amidst the pressure and threats to speak about the complaint, a team managed to track down a pager in Delhi associated with Sachin Yadav’s Facebook ID, leading to swift legal action against the accused. This individual has been apprehended for using Sachin Yadav’s Facebook ID to ensnare other youths, and further investigations are underway to ascertain the extent of his involvement in such activities.

Sachin Yadav, the accused in this case, is a 31-year-old youth residing in Delhi who was not engaged in any employment. He spent his entire day playing PUBG game both at home and outside, and extensively used social media. The involvement of nude chats complicates this case further. In most cases, educated and well-to-do individuals are more likely to get ensnared. People do not understand the motive behind such actions. So far, most cases involve men trapping others in nude video chats. However, in this case in Rajkot, a girl was trapped, but she is not afraid anymore if someone gets trapped. We should talk openly, and we will definitely take action. In most cases, people just threaten, but we must not be afraid of such threats. The sooner we address these issues, the better.

Niyati Rao

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