Deoband Student’s Threat: ATS Removes from Darul Uloom After Pulwama Remark

In a significant development, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has apprehended a student identified as Mohammad Talha Mazhar from a madrasa in Deoband, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The arrest follows alarming social media threats made by the accused, one of which ominously stated, “Inshallah, there will be another Pulwama very soon.” The gravity of the situation prompted swift action by the ATS, resulting in the arrest of Mohammad Talha Mazhar from Darul Uloom. 

Both the ATS and the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) are actively engaged in investigating the matter to discern the extent and nature of the potential threat. Concurrently, law enforcement has initiated legal proceedings by registering a case against the accused student. This incident underscores the imperative for rigorous security measures and vigilance in addressing online threats that could jeopardize public safety and national security.

Investigation Underway to Determine Authorship of Threatening Social Media Posts

The recent arrest of Mohammad Talha Mazhar, a student from Jamshedpur Saraikela in Jharkhand, has prompted a deeper investigation into the origin of the threatening social media posts. The posts, notably one stating, “Inshallah, there will be another Pulwama very soon,” were discovered on Mohammad Talha Mazhar’s social media account. Authorities, including the police and the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), are actively pursuing leads to ascertain whether Mazhar himself authored the posts or if external factors were involved.

Mohammad Talha Mazhar, currently in custody, had traveled to Deoband with the purpose of pursuing religious education at Darul Uloom. The focus of the ongoing investigation is to uncover the circumstances surrounding the posts and establish the true source of the threatening content. Law enforcement agencies are employing forensic and digital analysis techniques to determine the authenticity of the social media activity attributed to Mazhar.

ATS is interrogating student Mohammad Talha Mazhar. (File Photo)

ATS Expands Investigation into Mohammad Talha Mazhar’s Network and Online Activity

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and the local police have intensified their probe into Mohammad Talha Mazhar’s connections, shedding light on the extent of his network and online activities. The ongoing investigation encompasses a comprehensive analysis of Mazhar’s interactions, including his contacts, WhatsApp groups, YouTube viewing habits, and online searches.

Authorities are diligently examining the digital footprint of the arrested student to determine the nature of his online engagements and the individuals he has been in communication with. The focus extends to scrutinizing Mazhar’s social media interactions, including retweets and other forms of engagement, to uncover potential associations or affiliations.

Threats were made on social media in the name of Mohammad Talha Mazhar. He is a student of a madrasa in Talha Deoband. Police have registered a case in this regard.

In addition to scrutinizing his online presence, investigators are exploring Mazhar’s reading preferences, seeking insights into the literature that may have influenced his perspective. This multifaceted approach aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors that may have contributed to Mazhar’s actions and to identify any potential connections that could be relevant to the ongoing inquiry.

Saharanpur SSP Dr. Vipin Tada has affirmed that the interrogation of the youth is ongoing, with authorities actively seeking specific information regarding Mazhar’s online interactions and influences. The mention of a retweet suggests a collaborative effort to trace the origins of the content that Mazhar engaged with on social media.

As the investigation unfolds, the ATS and local police are committed to thorough scrutiny to ensure that all aspects of Mazhar’s activities are thoroughly examined. This comprehensive approach is crucial in unveiling any potential links or motivations behind the threatening social media posts and will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.

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