Ahmedabad House Thief Caught: Police Disguised, Balloon Sales Lead to Madhya Pradesh Arrest

In recent times, the state of Gujarat has witnessed a concerning surge in burglary and robbery cases. A notable modus operandi employed by a group of thieves involves targeting closed houses and individuals living alone during the night. Amidst this rising trend, the Sola High Court Police in Ahmedabad successfully addressed a house theft case in Chanakyapuri, showcasing commendable dedication and ingenuity.

In their pursuit of justice, the police officers demonstrated extraordinary commitment by extending their investigation beyond state borders. The trail led them to Madhya Pradesh, where, in a display of unconventional measures, officers adopted various disguises to apprehend the elusive thief. Remarkably, some officers resorted to selling vegetables, while others engaged in selling balloons as part of their undercover operation.

Investigation Initiated Following House Theft Complaint in Chanakyapuri

Gulabji Thakore, a resident of Chanakyapuri in Ahmedabad, reported a case of theft involving gold and silver jewelry from his residence to the Sola High Court police station on December 21. Subsequent to the filing of this complaint, the police received directives from the police commissioner at the highest level to diligently address and resolve the reported crime. In response to these instructions, law enforcement authorities commenced a thorough investigation, leveraging CCTV footage and technical monitoring to gather crucial evidence in their pursuit of solving the case.

Stealed and sipped the tea.

Stolen Activa Traced to Jagatpur Village Resident Following CCTV Analysis

Following the theft incident involving an Activa, law enforcement authorities, in their pursuit of the culprit, meticulously examined the CCTV footage along the crime route. The analysis revealed that the accused, post-theft, rode the Activa to Chanakyapuri Bridge, passing by the glass temple and making a stop at a local tea shop. Prompted by this valuable information, the police successfully identified the golden-colored Activa and traced it back to a resident of Jagatpur village.

Upon questioning the owner of the Activa, it was revealed that he had sold the vehicle to an individual ten days prior. Further investigations led the police to contact the new owner, who disclosed that his friend, Anand Sharma from Gwalior, had borrowed the Activa for personal use and had yet to return it. This crucial information has propelled the investigation forward, shedding light on potential leads to apprehend the accused and recover the stolen vehicle. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement, aided by meticulous CCTV analysis, showcase a commitment to resolving the case and ensuring justice prevails.

Swift Apprehension and Recovery: Police Efforts Lead to Arrest of Accused in Gwalior

Following the successful identification of the accused in a crowded area, the police inspector promptly dispatched a team to Gwalior. Leveraging technical resources, the team determined that the individual was residing in Hazira, Gwalior. Faced with the challenges of a congested and densely populated location, the police team, demonstrating strategic acumen, covertly disguised themselves at night and maintained surveillance on Sadar Sakshas.

The following morning, at Rathore Chowk Hazira, a man fitting the description from the CCTV footage was spotted approaching. The police team, acting swiftly, stopped him and inquired about his identity. The individual identified himself as Anand Pandit, and when questioned about the crime, he admitted to his involvement. In a significant breakthrough, the police recovered stolen valuables totaling 1.55 lakhs, including gold and silver jewelry, from the apprehended suspect.

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