Saurashtra University PhD Entrance: 451 Vacancies, Exam in December; Fellowship Concerns

Saurashtra University, in recent times, has found itself embroiled in political complexities, diverting attention away from its core mission of student development. The university’s administrative landscape has been overshadowed by internal political dynamics, raising concerns about the potential impact on the educational trajectory of its students.

The prevailing atmosphere of political engagement within the university administration has resulted in a significant delay in conducting the PhD entrance examination. This delay, attributed to ongoing political disputes and a change in leadership at the chancellor level, has led to a postponement of the crucial examination by two months.

Despite these challenges, the current chancellor has taken proactive steps to address the situation. In an official announcement, the chancellor has declared that the PhD entrance examination for prospective students at Saurashtra University will now take place in the third week of December.

Urgent Appeal for Extension of SHODH Fellowship Application Deadline: Impending Risk of Scholarship Deprivation for PhD Students

The looming deadline for the state government’s SHODH (Scheme of Developing High-Quality Research) fellowship for PhD students is December 31, creating a sense of urgency among prospective applicants. The Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG), the governing body overseeing this initiative, is now under increasing pressure to extend the application deadline to prevent eligible students from being deprived of this valuable scholarship opportunity.

The SHODH fellowship, a cornerstone of the state’s commitment to fostering high-quality research, plays a pivotal role in supporting the academic pursuits of PhD students. However, the current deadline poses challenges for potential applicants, given various factors such as procedural complexities and unforeseen circumstances.

Saurashtra University Announces Unprecedented 451 PhD Vacancies Across 36 Subjects

Saurashtra University, under the leadership of Chancellor Dr. Nilambari Dave, has unveiled a remarkable opportunity for aspiring scholars with the release of 451 vacancies spanning 36 diverse subjects for its Ph.D. programs. Shedding light on the unique circumstances surrounding this announcement, Chancellor Dr. Dave clarified the timeline and developments leading up to the forthcoming entrance examination.

Typically, the entrance examination for the Ph.D. program at Saurashtra University is conducted in the last week of August. However, this year presented a distinctive situation, as Dr. Nilambari Dave assumed the role of Chancellor at the end of October. Following her appointment, the university promptly released subject-wise vacancy details for Ph.D. programs, revealing an unprecedented 451 vacancies across 36 subjects—the highest number to date.

Despite the release of vacancies, the announcement of the examination date was temporarily deferred due to the Diwali vacation period. Dr. Dave underscored that, at present, active communication is underway with the agencies responsible for conducting the examination. This crucial coordination is intended to facilitate the timely and seamless organization of the entrance examination.

Anticipating the significance of the examination in shaping the academic trajectory of aspiring researchers, efforts are being made to expedite the process. Dr. Dave further informed that the paper for the Ph.D. entrance exam is currently in the process of being set, and the precise date for the examination is poised to be announced shortly.

In alignment with these efforts, it has been determined that the Ph.D. entrance examination is scheduled to take place in the third week of December. This strategic timeframe aims to strike a balance between allowing ample preparation time for prospective candidates and adhering to the academic calendar.

Time Constraints Threaten Completion of PhD SHODH Fellowship Procedures by December 31

The timeline for the Ph.D. SHODH fellowships poses a significant challenge for prospective students, as outlined by the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG). The fellowships, crucial for supporting research endeavors, are contingent upon a series of intricate procedures that may prove challenging to complete by the looming deadline of December 31.

KCG typically announces the names of fellowship recipients on a university-wise basis. However, the application process for these coveted fellowships necessitates students to submit their applications through the Joint Entrance Test (JET) University before the end of December. This year, with the Ph.D. entrance examination scheduled for the third week of December, the compressed timeline raises concerns about the feasibility of meeting the application deadline.

The subsequent steps in the fellowship allocation process involve the allocation of guides based on departmental merit through the Department Research Committee (D.R.C.). Following this, the student’s research topic proposal requires approval. However, the intricacies involved in these processes, including the need for thoughtful consideration and evaluation, make it implausible to conclude all required procedures by the stipulated date of December 31.

Vice-Chancellor Advocates Extension of Research Fellowship Registration Deadline to Safeguard PhD Students’ Interests

In response to the challenges posed by the impending deadline for research fellowship registration, the Vice-Chancellor is set to engage with the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) to address concerns and advocate for an extension. Recognizing the potential impact on Ph.D. students and their eligibility for research fellowships, the Vice-Chancellor underscores the necessity of securing an extended deadline for the benefit of the academic community.

With the objective of preventing Ph.D. students from being deprived of valuable research fellowships, the Vice-Chancellor is poised to present a formal request to the KCG. This appeal, to be conveyed either in person or through telephonic communication, seeks the extension of the registration deadline for research fellowships.

4 Lakh Scholarship Per Student at Stake for Ph.D. Candidates in Government Universities

The State Government’s commendable initiative to award a substantial scholarship of 4 lakhs per student for Ph.D. research in government universities since 2019 has significantly supported the pursuit of academic excellence. Under this scheme, students receive a monthly scholarship of Rs. 15,000 for two years, along with an additional Rs. 20,000 annually for contingency expenses, amounting to a total of Rs. 4 lakhs.

However, the current situation poses a critical threat to the timely disbursement of these scholarships, as the looming deadline for registration with the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) remains a cause for concern. If the date of registration is not extended, Ph.D. students stand to incur substantial losses, not only in terms of financial support but also in the potential disruption of their academic pursuits.

It is imperative to underscore that the responsibility for addressing this impending issue lies with the authorities of the respective universities. The potential loss of this significant scholarship could have severe repercussions for students who rely on it to facilitate their research endeavors.

360 Students Receive Rs. 14.40 Crore in 4 Years

Saurashtra University proudly announces a commendable achievement in supporting research endeavors, with a total of 360 students receiving financial assistance amounting to Rs. 14.40 crore under the research fellowship program over the past four years.

The breakdown of applicants and successful fellowship recipients for each year is as follows:


  • Applicant Students: 37
  • Students Receiving Fellowship: 30


  • Applicant Students: 179
  • Students Receiving Fellowship: 148


  • Applicant Students: 104
  • Students Receiving Fellowship: 98


  • Applicant Students: 91
  • Students Receiving Fellowship: 84


  • Applicant Students: 411
  • Students Receiving Fellowship: 360

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