Silver Oak University, Ahmedabad Offers Lucrative 3-13 Lakh Stipends in Placements; Over 2K Secure Jobs!

Silver Oak University in Ahmedabad recently conducted a successful placement drive, resulting in the placement of over 2,000 students enrolled in diverse academic disciplines such as technology, management, and diploma courses. This initiative underscores the university’s commitment to providing its students with substantial career opportunities.

The placement drive at Silver Oak University is especially noteworthy for its inclusivity, catering to students pursuing degrees in technology, management, and diploma programs. This comprehensive approach ensures that a wide spectrum of academic disciplines is represented, aligning with the diverse talents and interests of the student body.

A key highlight of the placement drive is the attractive salary packages offered to students, ranging from INR 3 lakhs to INR 13 lakhs. This competitive range reflects the recognition of the diverse skill sets possessed by the students across various disciplines. The remuneration not only serves as a testament to the students’ capabilities but also provides a valuable financial incentive, allowing them to augment their academic pursuits with a practical earning component.

Silver Oak University’s Remarkable Placement Drive: 2,020 Students Secured Coveted Positions

Silver Oak University, known for its diverse academic offerings in Science, Commerce, and Arts, recently achieved a significant milestone in its pursuit of academic excellence and holistic student development. With the recent elevation to university status, the institution has continued to make strides in providing valuable opportunities to its students.

In the latest placement drive conducted by Silver Oak University for the academic year 2023, a substantial 2,348 students enthusiastically registered to explore career prospects aligned with their academic pursuits. This overwhelming response underscores the students’ trust in the university’s commitment to facilitating robust career opportunities.

Out of the registered students, an impressive 2,020 individuals have been extended placement offers with attractive packages. This success rate highlights the efficacy of Silver Oak University’s placement strategies and the industry’s recognition of the caliber of students graduating from the institution.

Silver Oak University

Diverse Corporate Giants Offer Lucrative Stipends in Silver Oak University’s Placements and Internship Programs

Silver Oak University, with its unwavering commitment to fostering holistic student development, has attracted an impressive lineup of renowned corporations in its recent placement and internship programs. The participation of industry leaders reflects the recognition of the university’s caliber and the diverse talents of its student body.

In the placement drive, esteemed companies such as Tata Motors, Microsoft, Reliance Industries, Amazon, Zomato, ITC, Paytm, IBM, Coca Cola, Adani, Kotak, Airtel, Cadila, Sun Pharma, Zydus, Intas, Piramal, and Wipro played a pivotal role by offering lucrative stipends to successful candidates. The competitive stipends, reaching up to 50 thousand rupees, exemplify the premium these companies place on the skills and potential of Silver Oak University graduates.

Notably, the spectrum of companies present at the internship program further underscores the university’s commitment to providing students with diverse and enriching experiences. Companies including ISRO, Asian Paints, Indian Railways, Byjus, ONGC, IOCL, Royal Enfield, Acer Oil actively participated, offering stipends ranging from 7 thousand to 45,800 rupees. This broad range of stipends reflects the diverse nature of internships available and the commitment of these organizations to fostering the growth of emerging talents.

Silver Oak University Records Remarkable Placement

Silver Oak University Records Remarkable Placement Success with Highest Package of INR 13 Lakhs for BTech Graduate

Silver Oak University in Ahmedabad has recently achieved an impressive milestone in its placement endeavors, with a remarkable success story involving a BTech student securing the highest placement package of INR 13 lakhs. This accomplishment not only underscores the academic excellence of the university but also highlights the diverse opportunities available to students across various disciplines.

The detailed breakdown of the placements reveals a comprehensive outreach to different academic streams. Among the successful placements, 1109 BTech Technology students, 129 Management students, 329 Science students, 65 Computer Applications students, and 388 Diploma students have been offered positions, collectively contributing to the university’s overall placement success.

One of the standout features of this placement drive is the attractive salary packages extended to the students. Ranging from INR 3 lakhs to the highest package of INR 13 lakhs, these offerings reflect the recognition of the students’ skill sets and the competitive nature of the job market.

The pinnacle of success in this placement drive was a BTech student securing the highest package of INR 13 lakhs from IBM, a testament to the caliber and potential of the graduates emerging from Silver Oak University. This accomplishment not only serves as a source of pride for the university but also demonstrates the industry’s acknowledgment of the quality education and skill development provided to students.

Placement Officer Neepen Shukla

Ongoing Placement Opportunities at Silver Oak University, Confirms Placement Officer Neepen Shukla

Silver Oak University’s commitment to providing dynamic career opportunities for its students remains steadfast, as highlighted by Placement Officer Neepen Shukla. In a recent statement, Shukla affirmed that the university’s placement rounds are conducted twice annually, emphasizing the institution’s dedication to facilitating regular opportunities for its student body.

Apart from the biannual placement drives, Shukla mentioned the provision of internships for students, showcasing the university’s holistic approach to bridging the gap between academic learning and practical experiences. Notably, these internships are structured in a way that involves a financial commitment from the students, providing a unique avenue for them to invest in their professional development.

An additional feature that Shukla highlighted is the option for students to earn while studying, aligning with the university’s commitment to offering multifaceted opportunities for skill development and financial independence. This innovative approach not only enriches the educational experience but also prepares students for the demands of the contemporary professional landscape.

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