Hanuman Dada Shines: 8 kg Gold Adorned at Salangpur, Join 175th Shatamrit Festival, Nov 16-22 for Divine Celebrations!

The revered Kastabhanjan Hanumanji temple, situated in the legendary pilgrimage center of Salangpur, has witnessed a significant influx of devotees since the inception of the new year. The sacred deity, Hanumanji Dada, has been adorned with a remarkable 8 kg gold Vagha, an exquisite ornament valued at Rs. 6.50 crore. The temple’s esteemed saints conducted a Poojan Aarti, enhancing the divine ambiance for the worshippers.

A multitude of devotees embraced the dawn of the new year by seeking the divine darshan of Hanumanji Dada, marking the commencement of their spiritual journey. The temple’s sanctity and the radiant presence of the adorned deity contributed to a profound and uplifting experience for those in attendance.

Anticipation is building for the upcoming 175th Shatamrit festival, a cherished tradition in the renowned Salangpur pilgrimage site. Scheduled to unfold from November 16 to 22, this significant festival is expected to attract a large congregation of devotees. The celebration promises a week filled with religious fervor, cultural festivities, and spiritual resonance as worshippers from diverse backgrounds come together to partake in the sacred observances.

Grand Diwali and Basta Year Celebrations at Salangpur Village, Home to the Legendary Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple

Salangpur village, nestled in the Barwala taluka of Botad district, is aglow with festivities as the legendary Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji temple takes center stage in the grand celebration of Diwali and the auspicious Basta Year. Known for its splendid observance of religious festivals, the temple administration ensures that Diwali and Basta Year are marked with grandeur and devotion.

The joyous spirit of Diwali, the festival of lights, illuminates Salangpur as the temple radiates with vibrant decorations and fervent celebrations. Devotees from far and wide gather to partake in the special rituals and ceremonies conducted with meticulous care by the temple authorities. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of spirituality and communal joy as families and individuals come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness.

Simultaneously, the observance of the Basta Year adds an extra layer of significance to the festivities. This special occasion is marked by elaborate rituals and ceremonies that symbolize the ushering in of prosperity and abundance. The temple administration goes to great lengths to ensure that the devotees experience a deep sense of spirituality and auspiciousness during this auspicious time.

Dada's temple was colorfully illuminated on the occasion of Diwali festival.

Commemorating 175 Years of Devotion: Shatamrut Festival and Diwali Celebration at Hanumanji Dada’s Temple

In a momentous milestone, the revered Hanumanji Dada’s temple is commemorating its 175th anniversary, marking a century and three-quarters since its establishment. To honor this auspicious occasion, the temple is hosting the 175th Shatamrut Festival, a week-long celebration scheduled to take place from November 16 to 22.

As part of these jubilant festivities, the temple will be adorned with vibrant illuminations and decorations, creating a spectacle of colors in honor of the Diwali festival. This grand celebration is set to captivate the hearts of devotees and participants alike, fostering an atmosphere of joy, spirituality, and communal unity.

Hanumanji Dada was decorated with an 8 kg gold Vagha worth Rs.6.50 crore.

Majestic New Year’s Day Decor at Salangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple: Adorning Hanumanji Dada with Rs.6.50 Crore Golden Vagha

In a splendid celebration on New Year’s Day, the sacred precincts of the Salangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple witnessed a grand spectacle as Hanumanji Dada was adorned with an 8 kg golden Vagha, crafted at a cost of Rs.6.50 crore. This opulent decoration serves as a symbol of reverence and devotion, marking a momentous start to the new year.

The meticulous craftsmanship of the Golden Vagha radiates the temple with divine splendor, enhancing the spiritual ambiance for devotees who gathered to witness this extraordinary display of faith. Surrounding the idol of Dada, vibrant and colorful flowers have been intricately arranged, creating a visually captivating scene that adds to the festive atmosphere.

A large number of devotees started the new year by having divine darshan of Dada.

A Spiritual Commencement: New Year’s Day Celebrations at Salangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple

The onset of the New Year was marked by a sacred pilgrimage to the Salangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple, where devotees gathered in earnest to seek the divine blessings of Hanumanji Dada. The revered saints of the temple orchestrated a profound Mahaarti and worship ceremony in honor of Dada, fostering an atmosphere of spiritual sanctity and reverence.

The early morning hours saw a throng of devoted worshippers, eagerly awaiting the opportunity for a blessed darshan of Hanumanji Dada. As devotees embarked on the new year by beholding the divine presence, the temple resonated with a palpable sense of devotion and unity.

Reflecting on the significance of this auspicious occasion, Shastri Hariprakash Swami of the Salangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji Temple expressed the spiritual importance of starting the New Year in the divine presence of Hanumanji Dada. The words of Swami underscored the profound connection between the worshippers and the deity, emphasizing the role of faith and devotion in shaping the collective experience of the temple’s sacred observances.

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