Pharmacist Exam Controversy in Vadodara: Order Issued for Inquiry into Question Paper Changes, Accountability Actions to Follow

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation has invited applications for the recruitment of pharmacists at 20 positions out of 162 vacancies across various departments of the health branch in a drive conducted last Sunday. Candidates have submitted forms, and their requests for different series, such as A, B, C, and D, have been considered after the Municipal Commissioner’s review of the agency’s recommendations. A decision will be made following the Municipal Commissioner’s statement on this matter.

Guidance for Agency based on Deputy Municipal Commissioner’s Statement

In response to the information provided to the agency, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Hasmukh Prajapati addressed the matter related to the health department’s examination conducted by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. The examination, held for the position of pharmacist, featured distinct sets of questions for different candidates.

Applicants have requested guidance on how to prepare for exams that involve varied questions in their respective series. Such candidates are seeking advice to navigate through the agency’s examination process effectively. The guidance sought pertains to understanding the exam syllabus, obtaining insights on the difficulty level, and addressing concerns about the unique format of the question papers.

The agency is expected to provide assistance in aligning the preparation strategies with the specific nature of the questions posed in the examination. If the question papers differ, the agency’s feedback will be instrumental in facilitating a well-informed approach to tackling the examination challenges.

Student Protest Against Irregularities in Vadodara Municipal Corporation Exam

In Rajkot, students also raised objections similar to those in Vadodara, where the question paper for Series A was easier than those for Series B, C, and D. Students in Rajkot expressed their concerns, pointing out that the Vadodara Municipal Corporation conducted an exam on December 17th for 20 pharmacist positions, wherein the questions in Series A differed significantly from those in Series B, C, and D.

Normally, each series of a question paper should have the same level of difficulty for fairness, but in this case, the deviation in difficulty levels has led to dissatisfaction among the students. This irregularity, where Series A was comparatively easier than the rest, has prompted students to demand a reevaluation of the examination. They argue that the exam should be canceled due to the serious error and a fresh examination should be conducted for the benefit of all aspirants.

Concerns Raised Regarding Irregularities in Vadodara Municipal Corporation Pharmacist Exam

The apprehensions regarding the irregularities in the Vadodara Municipal Corporation’s pharmacist recruitment exam for 20 positions have been growing, especially after the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test conducted on December 17. Students from across the state, including Rajkot, participated in the exam.

The primary concern revolves around the variance in the difficulty level of questions between different series of the question paper. Students from Rajkot express their worry that the lack of uniformity in the difficulty levels among the series raises suspicions of irregularities in the examination process.

It is noteworthy that even three days after the exam, the provisional answer key for the test conducted on December 17 has not been released, intensifying the apprehensions among the students. The delay in providing the answer key has strengthened the belief that there might be irregularities in the examination, and therefore, there are strong demands for the cancellation of the exam.

Students argue that the lack of transparency and prompt communication regarding the provisional answer key has created an atmosphere of doubt and mistrust. Consequently, there is a growing consensus among the students that a reevaluation or cancellation of the exam is necessary to ensure fairness and integrity in the recruitment process.

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