Hindu American Presidential Candidate Vows Religious Freedom Protection

Indian-origin Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy (38 years) is running against former President Donald Trump in the Republican Party. second in party nomination race; Ramaswamy is the first Hindu candidate to run. He is proud of his Hindu faith and identity.

Ramaswamy took time out of his busy schedule to talk about Indo-US relations, the changing world order, tourists and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Important parts of Bhaskar’s conversation with him

Why Are You Keeping Hinduism at the Center of Your Election Campaign?

I believe in Hinduism. I inherited this from my family. America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Like Hinduism, Judeo-Christianity has teachings such as renunciation, selfless action and ritualism. According to Hinduism, God is within you and according to Christianity, you are created by God in His own image.

As a Hindu, I can better protect other people’s rights to religious freedom than other politicians. My aim is to preserve the values ​​of family, faith and patriotism in American society. American society is losing these values.

The real problem in America is not between different religions but between those who believe in traditional religion and those who believe in secularism. In the form of secularism, there are people today who believe in Wokjim (liberalism), globalism, transgenderism and even covidism.

In America this problem arises when people who believe in these various religions and ideologies in the name of secularism adopt them as religions and then refuse to accept the existence of other traditional and established religions.

What is Your Opinion and Assessment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Narendra Modi is a great Prime Minister. He has adopted a free market economy to eradicate poverty in India. America has also been successful in achieving prosperity in this way. America can learn from Modi how a leader keeps his national identity paramount. In America today, we need a president who can proudly represent his national identity. US President Biden has failed to do so.

How Do You See India’s Role in the Rapidly Changing World Order?

We have to prevent China from attacking Taiwan. America needs India’s support. We will work on a common strategy with India to deter Chinese ships from the Bay of Bengal and the Straits of Malacca along the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I believe that America needs to improve its relations with India a lot.

There should be a trust-based dialogue between the two. If I become the President, I will start working on it in the first term itself. Besides, I will go to Moscow in 2025 and make the same deal with Russia that President Nixon made when he went to China. I will also end the Ukraine war by breaking Russia’s alliance with China. All these efforts of mine will be real.

How Do You View India-Us Relations?

I believe that India and America are easy partners (natural alliance). America is passing through an important period in history. The biggest threat to us is from Communist China. No more Cold War world. The Soviet Union may be gone, but China is still alive. Now is the time for America to declare its independence from China.

America should increase its economic and geopolitical dependence on Japan and South Korea, including India. It will also be beneficial for India. I am happy with the successful US visit of PM Modi. As President, I will open new avenues with India.

How Would Your Policies on Immigration Differ From Those of Donald Trump?

My family came to America 40 years ago. Here I built multi-billion dollar companies. I believe that people of every religion, color, and race from every country in the world should have the freedom to come to America. This is truly the American Dream. Everyone should have equal opportunities. Yes, illegal tourists should not be admitted. America’s borders must be secured.

Would You Like to Be Trump’s Running Mate?

There are only two presidential contenders in the Republican Party – me and Trump. I am in the field to win the campaign. As far as running for Trump’s running mate ie Vice President, I will make a decision at the right time if I have to do it for the country.

Why Do You Want to Shut Down Organizations Like the FBI?

I want to remove the lethargy of the administration. Organizations like the FBI, Department of Education, Nuclear Commission, CDC slow down under the Judiciary. There are dozens of such departments which have become a burden for the government. Closing this will speed up the work. This will also boost the American economy.

Indian-American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is rapidly gaining popularity in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in the US. According to a new Emerson College survey, he has reached a tie with Florida Gov. Ron De-Santis.

Ramaswamy and De-Santis finished second with 10% votes. Former President Donald Trump is in first place with 56%. In June, Trump was at 59%, De-Santis at 21% and Pence at 6%, while Ramaswamy was at just 2%. Ramaswamy has gained 8% since then. D-Santis lost 11% and Trump-Pence 3% each.

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