Rapid EV Charging in Ahmedabad: 3-4x Vehicle Surge with 12 New Stations & Discounts!

If you are going to buy an EV then this news is for you. By the end of September in Ahmedabad, you are now going to get a total of 12 new charging stations. Free charging will be done for the first time. While 50 percent discount will be given up to 5 charging. According to an estimate, the number of EV vehicles in Ahmedabad will increase by 3 to 4 times in a year. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has planned in advance keeping in mind the future planning.

12 New Charging Stations to Open in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is going to build charging stations for electric vehicles on PPP basis. AMC floated tenders for a total of 24 charging stations. Out of which work is going on at 12 stations at present. After 12 stations are operational, work of other stations will start as per requirement. AMC has commissioned a private company called e-Wamp for the electric charging station. The company’s network called Mobilen is operational for charging stations for electric vehicles.Currently, the pilot project will run, after which the network will be increased as per the need.

The founder of the company, Dewansh Shah, said in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar that at present we are building charging stations at 12 places in Ahmedabad. The need of Ahmedabad is more but for now we will run it as a pilot project after which we will expand the network as per the need. Currently the charger we are installing at the station is an ultra fast charger. Which has a capacity of 80 kilowatts. By means of this charger, mid sector to high sector range vehicles can be charged in 30 to 45 minutes.

Charging Stations Will Be Started by the End of September

He further said that the target is to start charging stations at 12 locations in Ahmedabad by the end of September. Currently, the application process in Torrent is in the pipeline. Work is underway at four locations in the first phase of charging stations. In which charging stations will be started at Prahladnagar, Sindhubhan, Incometax and Kankaria Road. Work will start at 8 locations in the second phase. Four plugins will be available at one charging station. In which two two-wheelers and two four-wheelers can be charged simultaneously.An attractive offer will be given at the beginning of the charging station,

They further informed that an attractive offer will be given at the beginning of the charging station. There may be offers like free first time charging or 50% for up to 5 chargings. Later after some time the price will be fixed according to the unit. In which also a certain price has been fixed. In which two-wheelers can be charged Rs 15 to 17 per unit, three-wheelers Rs 17 to Rs 19 per unit and four-wheelers Rs 20 to Rs 21 per unit.

Ahmedabad Ranks Second in EV Usage in Gujarat

Currently Ahmedabad has 1,500 four-wheelers, 5,000 three-wheelers and around 12,000 two-wheelers according to Vehicle Dashboard. Thus Ahmedabad ranks second after Surat in the use of EVs in Gujarat. According to one estimate, by the end of 2024, when more than one option will be available in electric vehicles, the purchase of EVs will increase by 3 or 4 times.

5+5 Years Contract Between the Company and AMC

Currently the company has entered into a 5+5 years contract with AMC. In which AMC will provide the land to the company and the company will build and operate the charging station infrastructure. And the revenue generated will be shared with AMC.

E-Wamp’s Mobilane Network at 18 Locations in Gujarat

Currently E-Wamp’s Mobilane Network is operating on a private basis at many locations in Gujarat. This network is operational in 18 places including Palanpur, Shamlaji, Palitana, Jamnagar, Gift City. It has both AC and DC charging stations. In which the charging utilization rate of Palanpur, Shamlaji and Bharuch stations is 3-5%.

Government Company Not Interested in Charging Station Work

An AMC official says that the government company is not showing any interest in charging station work. Hence the tender was floated by AMC and the final work is going on. We have issued tenders for 24 stations. Out of which work has been started on 12 stations. Work on other 12 stations will be started only after seeing the performance and revenue model of these 12 stations.

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